Original post. He’s wrong obviously. Mixmag | UNACCEPTABLE IN THE NINETIES. With the retooling of 90s-style house and garage by the likes of Disclosure, a 90s fashion comeback and a renaissance of 90s legends like MK, Sasha, Masters At Work and EZ, you might be forgiven that the decade before the millenium was the UK’s […]

Up Yer Ronson Tony Hanon

http://www.mixmag.net/words/from-the-archives/classic-features/april-1993—king-of-clubs Words: Adriana Hamacher Photos: Mark McNulty Published in Mixmag April 1993 It’s April 1993 and in clubland two names are standing out brighter and louder than any others. While others are scrabbling to survive the recession, two club runners are caning it. Sean McClusky has Merry England and Love Ranch in London and Tony […]

Mixmag April 1994 – Is Jungle Too Ruff?

Mixmag | APRIL 1994 – IS JUNGLE TOO RUFF?. This article is now 20 years old. It’s an argument that wasn’t solved then, and hasn’t been since. Words: Jane Headon Photos from Jungle Fever: Donovan Published in Mixmag April 1994 With the precision of a wire cutter, jungle music has divided the rave scene down […]

Mixmag December 1993 Why Don’t DJ’s Turn Up?

Mixmag | DECEMBER 1993 – WHY DON’T DJS TURN UP?. I bet they turn up now that the mega money has gone. Although this is almost 20 years ago We see the flyers, we pay our money and all too often they never turn up. Words: Jane Headon Cartoon: Stuart Harrison Published in Mixmag December […]

The Chemical Brothers in Mixmag December 1995

Mixmag | DECEMBER 1995: YEAR OF THE BEATS. Words: Andy Pemberton Originally published in Mixmag December 1995 Chicago. At least that was the view you glimpsed from the hotel window earlier this afternoon. Middle of a five-week tour and now you’re in post gig limbo. It’s something unspeakable in the AM, and you’re too wired […]

Mixmag September 2004 Inside The Factories

Mixmag | SEPTEMBER 2004: INSIDE THE PILL FACTORIES. Words: Jasper Van Der Bliek Photos: ANP, PA Photos Originally published in Mixmag September 2004 It’s a typically dull April morning in the Dutch countryside. As the dawn stretches over the flat landscape, a special squad of 2O police officers are whispering quietly into walkie-talkies and nervously […]

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