Ark Corn Exchange Leeds 31st July 1993

Date: 31st July 1993
Ark Corn Exchange Leeds 31st July 1993 Front Ark Corn Exchange Leeds 31st July 1993 BackFlyer:
Venue: Corn Exchange Leeds
DJs: Dave Seamen, Ian Ossia, Rob Tissera, Sy, Vertigo, Welly
Sets: Have all DJs except Sy
MC: Rush
PA: Dream Frequency
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Tape Covers:
Ark Corn Exchange Leeds 31st July 1993 DJ Welly And Vertigo Tape Cover
DJ Dave Seaman
1) (00:00) Analogue City – It Was All About Love
2) (05:00) Direckt – Two Fatt Guitars (Skankin Mix) “gimme another tune & ill rock 2 da beat” samples chic – le freak
3) (08:00) Torfinn – I’ll Nostra Tempo De La Vita “take you to a higher degree” male / calypso carnival / piano
4) (11:00) Brothers Luv Dubs – Ming’s Incredible Disco Machine (The Playboys Fully Loaded Mix) (Stress)
5) (18:30) Janet Jackson – If (Brothers In Rhythm Mix) (Virgin)
6) (24:00) You – Blow “heading for destruction, cos if you aint part of a solution you have a problem”
7) (31:00) Gwen Guthrie – Aint Nothing Going on But The Rent (E-Lustrious Mix)
8) (35:40) Brothers In Rhythm – Forever And A Day
9) (42:30) Utah Saints – I Want You (FFRR) “back to the front” piano
DJ Ian Ossia
10) (00:00) Staxx – Joy
11) (06:10) Delta Lady – Anything You Want
12) (12:00) ? “yeah” piano
13) (15:00) Bass Funk – I Wanna Bass (Celestial Mix)  “you wanna deal with me, I wanna deal with you” male
14) (18:30) Kerry Shaw – Could Be This Love (The Chameleon Mix) “love love love” female
15) (22:30) Illuminatae – Tempestada (XVX Records)
16) (25:10) Remake – Magic Fly (Loaded)
17) (29:00) Uno Clio – Pleasure “walking on sunshine”
18) (34:00) Hyper Go Go – Never Let Go (Mukkaa Mix) (Positiva)
19) (38:40) Rejuvination – Requiem / X-Sample – Livin Together “dirty money, living together”
20) (42:00) Sensation – Beautiful Morning (Fluke’s Magimix)
DJ Rob Tissera Tracklist
1)Havana – Schtoom (American Remix)
2)6 Bells All – Sweet ‘N’ Bitter
3) Men United – Is That Love (Harthouse Acid Mix)
4)DOP – Here I Go (Dance Your Socks Of EP)
5)Rhythm 3 Request – Keep The Chidren Free
6)House Pimps – Zulu Rhythm (Remix)
7)Mato Grosso – Jungle (Remix)
8)Smells Like Heaven- Londre-Strutt (Gipsy Remix)
9)Hobo – Freedom
10)Young Braves – Reach (Vocal Andrenaline)
11)Mister X – Round Here
12)Sublime – Transamerican (New York Mix)
13)Diverse – Shock To The System (Rock To The System)
14)Diverse – Shock To The System ( Original Mix)
15) Mendels Discoveries – Landscapes
16) Flipped Out – Bass Tab ( Rob Tissera Remix)
17) Beat The Beats – Back In Time (Signal)
18) Berry – TC 1991 feat acca( Alisha Warren – Touch Me )
19) Mr Fingers – Can You Fee It (Acca)
20) Rhythm is Rhythim – Strings Of Life
21) Andrea Martin – Dirty Love (Acca)
22) Helicopter – On Ya Way
23) 4 For Money – It’s A Moment In Time 
DJ Vertigo
1) Sasha And Danny Campbell – Together (Sasha’s United Club Mix)
2) La Rue – Cathedral Song (Evolution Mix) (Stress) inst with big strings
3) Fishbone Beat – Feel It “can you feel it” female
4) Hobo – Vibe (23rd Precinct) “alright” female / sax
5) Direct 2 Disc – Excuse Me 
6) Cafe Latino – Esta Es La Musica (Flying) “la muzika” 
7) Jiffy – You Dont Know (Ohohohohoh) “o-o-o, im in love yeah” female / funky guitar / sax
8) Torfinn – I’ll Nostra Tempo De La Vita (Original) “take you to a higher degree” carino (well known)
9) Alex Party – Read My Lips
10) Sonic Repo – Set U Free (Club Edit) “yeah, set you free” female scat / piano / electric guitar
11) Spooky – Little Bullet (High Velocity Mix) (Guerilla)
12) Masters of the Monotonal Groove – Let Yourself Go (Vol3 EP) “gotta realease yourself” female
13) Strawberry Bazaar – Bingo Specs Boogie (Doo Daa Vocal) (Limbo) “zonga right”
14) Happy Larrys Big Beat Orchestra – You Make Me Feel So Good “ooh, bring on the orchestra” female
15) Direct 2 Disc – Dont Stop (Cleveland City)
DJ Welly
1) Lonnie Gordon – Bad Mood (Serious Rope Remix) (DMC 7/93) “woke up this morning with you on my mind” female
2) Lisa B – Glam (Diss-Cuss Mix Una #2) “thats what I use to hear with”
3) Lifeforce – Scatterbox (male scat)
4) New Order – World (The Price Of Love) (K-Klass Pharmacy Dub) “can you feel it” female
5) Country And Western – Positive Energy “come on, weve got the positive energy” funky guitar
6) Bubble-Up – Barimba (Husky Mix) (Hook) “cant stop, no, ooh baby” female
7) Country And Western – Reincarnation (big tune)
8) Direckt – Two Fatt Guitars (Babetastic Mix)
9) Void – Orcana (The Seductive Mix) “the ultimate seduction” piano
10) Stereo MCs – Creation (Slam Vocal)
11) Fruit Machine – Kiss Of Life ep (piano/male scat)
also seen this mix dated as 19-7-93
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