Ark Leeds Poly 27th Nov 1992

Date: Friday 27th Nov 1992
Venue: Leeds Poly (now Leeds Met Uni)
DJ’s: Rob Tissera, Vertigo, John E Bloc, Gary Norman, Martin Gee, Tom Edge, Belly
Note – There were 2 rooms on this night
Ticket: Unknownark-leeds-poly-fri-27th-nov-1992-back ark-leeds-poly-fri-27th-nov-1992-front
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Ark Leeds Poly 27th Nov 1992 DJ Vertigo And Rob Tissera Tracklist
1) CeCe Rogers – Never Give Up (accapella)
2) THK – France (Sweet Extasy Mix) Warp (inst piano/sax)
3) ??? “every time it rains” male / acidy
4) 280 West – Scattered Dreams (“Boom Chocka-Boom” Mix) “boom cha”
5) Void – Orcana “the ultimate seduction” piano
6) DIY – Hothead (Original DIY Dub)”baby, reach”
7) Void – No Stoppin “ah ah ooh” fem “dont stop it” male
8) Area 51 – Let It Move You “take me to the top, waahh” piano / atmospheric
9) SOUL SYSTEM- Its Gonna Be A Lovely Day (Palladium House Anthem 1)
10) MASI – Apache “we are the base its time to get down”
11) ?? “boyfriend be your own man” female
12) Ulraviolet – I Wish That
13) Decadance – Jump To It (Decadance ep) “jump jump jump to it”
14) Deep Piece – Bup Bup Biri Biri (Gypsy Edit) “ow” synth guitar riff
15) High Society – Untitled (piano)
16) Back 2 Front – Viewfinder (original mix) “wooh” synth
1) Freestyle Orchestra – Keep On Pumpin It Up (accapella)
2) XL Rhythm – Brothers and Sisters “just let the music motivate your mind”
3) PP Orange – My Feelings “burning up, i feel this way” female / piano
4) Dina Carroll – Aint No Man
5) Pamela Fernandez – Kickin’ In The Beat (accapella)
6) East 17 – Gold (Phil Kelseys Paws On The Floor Mix) “I dream, hey yahh yahh”
7) Dakeyne – B-Funked
8) Flipped Out – So Much Joy (Bass Tab mix)
9) Black Shark – Give It Up (Max Art Mix) “get it up”
10) Isotonik – Everywhere I Go “when i look in the mirror to comb my hair” female
11) Flipped Out – Love Bomb “everything gets higher” female / piano / strings
12) Love Decade – When The Morning Comes “will i still want you”
13) Museka – Ultimate High (Uptown Mix) The M-Series ep
Ark Leeds Poly 27th Nov 1992 DJ Jon E Bloc And Martin Gee Tracklist
1) DJ Hell – My Definition Of House Music (R&S)
2) ??? inst
3) Hardfloor – Acperience (Harthouse)
4) ??? acidy inst
5) Visions Of Shiva – Perfect Day (has piano from manix / whailing indian male)
6) Dance 2 Trance – Hello San Francisco
7) ??? “looking for a new way” deep male
8) ??? acidy
9) ??? “yeah” female / sax
10) ??? samples piano from outlander – vamp
11) Dr Baker – Turn Up The Music (Frankfurt Posse Remix)
12) Moby – Next is The E (Synthe Mix)
13) ??? “get up, get on up with me” female / piano / sax
14) Cool Jack – Jus Come (Black Moon)
15) Siedah Garrett – KISSING ’92 (Another Brothers In Rhythm Escapade) (DMC 8/92)
16) ??? “can you feel it” whispering male (samples CLS)
17) CLS – Can You Feel It (Strictly Rhythm)
18) ??? familiar
19) Digital Vamp – You Cant Take My Body
20) Glam – Hells Party (DFC)
21) The Floor Federation – Music For The Masses pt II (Nosh Not Nibble Remix) (One Off Recordings)
22) 2 Bad Mice – Bombscare (briefly)
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