Ark Leeds Poly 26th July 1991

Date: Friday 26th July 1991

Venue: Leeds Poly (now Leeds Metropolitan University)

DJ’s: Nipper, Jon Kelly, Gary Norman, Marshal

Ticket: £5 – Scan Wanted

Mixes: Wanted

Mix Tracklists: Wanted

1) Dino Lenny – Cocaine
2) Congress – 40 Miles (Inst) And Colonel Abrams – Trapped (Acapella) (male accapella)
3) Asmo – Jam The Dance
4) Last Rhythm – Last Rhythm And Rockers Revenge – Walking On Sunshine (Accapella)
5) Oceanic – Insanity
6) Expose – Tell Me Why
7) Love Decade – Is This Is A Dream
8) Clubhouse – Deep In My Heart (A Touch Of Techno Remix)
9) Antico – Freedom
10) Bizarre Inc – Playing With Knives (The Climax)
11) S-Bam – I Want My Freedom
12) Rhythm Foundation – Let The Whole World Know
13) Tony G – Tonys Song (Club Mix) (Micmac Records Inc)
14) Rhythm Controll feat Chuck Roberts – My House (acappella)
15) Utah Saints – What Can You Do For Me + Chuck Roberts – Can You Feel It (Acapella)
16) K-Klass – Rhythm Is A Mystery (Remix)
17) Dream Frequency – Satisfaction
18) Brainstorm – Help Me To Believe And True Faith – Take Me Away (accapella)
19) Primal Scream – Dont Fight It, Feel It (Scat Mix)
20) Thirst – Enemy Within (Dub) And Plez – Cant Stop (accapella)
21) Love Revolution – Give it To Me Baby
22) Love Inc – Love is The Message
23) Unity – Unity
24) Freefall – Feel Surreal
25) Cola Boy – 7 Ways To Love

Note – This mix also known as Ark Piano Tunes (Studio set June 1991)

Notes: Unusual flyer design.  Unlike any other Ark flyer.

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Ark Leeds Poly Fri 26th July 1991 Poster
Ark Leeds Poly Fri 26th July 1991 Poster

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  1. It was an awesome night, at the end of night the MC(think it was Mc Rush ? ) said…”Go on Nipper give em what they want” ….k klass-rhythm is a mystery came on and everyone went nuts !!!

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