About 88to98

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About 88to98

  • The lunatics
  • the nutters
  • the hardcore
  • the whistle posse
  • the gabba crew
  • the shirts off posse
  • the gurners
  • the foghorn
  • the white glove crew
  • the hi vis jackets
  • the vicks/tiger balm
  • the white hats
  • the stage crew
  • motorway service crew
  • the wanna be mc’s
  • the mosh pit
  • stage divers
  • happy hardcore crew
  • happy junglists
  • hard house
  • trance crew
  • scottish bouncy techno crew
  • the Northern Irish hardcore crew
  • acid house

Not Tonight mate

  • VIPS
  • bottle service
  • non dancers
  • wall flowers
  • moody stares
  • drinkers
  • 7 Inches
  • Now Thats What I Call Dance
  • moody junglists
  • posers
  • leather jeans
  • DJ groupies
  • loads of MC’s on the stage
  • Champagne
  • Gangs
  • being too cool for school

Things We Like at 88to98

  • climbing on the speakers
  • making hundreds of new friends
  • clippers
  • pirate radio
  • buzz tapes
  • car alarms
  • pinky and perky
  • the old joanna
  • hoovers
  • 12 inches
  • giving strangers a lift home
  • having hundreds of flyers on your wall
  • car park parties

Why 88to98?

We’ve been asked that a few times.

Basically if we only listed tunes that were made from 1989 onwards we’d be missing the real start of the acid house boom in the UK. And, yes we know there were people getting involved in London in ’87, and in Manchester at the Hacienda and a few other places, but ’88 was the start really.   So 10 years on from then takes us to ’98. Simple really. Besides we’d be interested if anyone can post up a single tune from 1999 onwards worthy of appearing on this site.

How can you get involved?

This site is intended to be a depository for the best that the years 1988 to 1998 threw up. Primarily oldskool house, hardcore and techno music and everything that went with it. The clubs, the DJ’s, the flyers, the memories.  So please feel free to post in the comments your:

  1. Links to mixes (nothing copyrighted please)
  2. YouTube links to tunes
  3. Flyers
  4. Suggested other sites
  5. Your memories of the post in question
  6. Anything else we should know

We’ll then include the best of the suggestions into our main content, and credit you for it.  If you want to write for us, or have more to contribute than you can put into a comment, please email us at 88to98@gmail.com

Who Are We?

A collection of oldskool ravers, DJ’s and music fans who were around from 1988 to 1998 (and in some cases beyond!!).  Contact us at 88to98@gmail.com

What are we trying to achieve?

We are aiming for this site to be a place that collates information on the years in question from around the internet, making a one stop shop for the place to relive the memories.   We will also be posting up our own content, whether its mix tapes, photos or articles.

A few people have been emailing asking why we don’t host tunes to download, when we do host mixes. We know there are lots of places that do, we are friends with some of those sites. Therefore we don’t feel the need to do more than host the YouTube of a tune. Ideally we’d like you to go out and buy the tune if you like it. We know its not always possibly to buy a tune, especially as some of those we list as they are 20 years old, not on any of the legal download sites etc, which is where some of the forums come in.

Mixes are different, as they are not commercially available. We like to trade in mixes, check out our Wantspage. So if you are wondering, the basic rule is, if it’s available to legally download or on a CD somewhere, you won’t find it to download here.

Hope that clears it up

Why Contact Us?

  1. Praise
  2. Criticism
  3. Suggestions
  4. Link Requests
  5. MP3 mix trading (see wants section)
  6. Flyer trading (see wants section)
  7. Any Other Stuff

How do you get in contact with us?

email – 88to98@gmail.com and we’ll try to get back to you in 24 hours.

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