Ark Town And Country Leeds 19th June 1993

Ark 2nd Birthday
Date: 19th June 1993
Flyer: Ark 2nd Bday Town And Country Leeds 19th June 1993 Front Ark 2nd Bday Town And Country Leeds 19th June 1993 Back
Venue: Town and Country Club Leeds
DJs: CJ Bolland, Vertigo, Rob Tissera, Martin Gee?, Welly, DJ Sy
2nd Room: Gary Norman, Mark Holliday
MC: Rush
PA: Sonic Solution
Mixes: Have from all DJs
Ticket: £13.50
Ark 2nd Birthday Town And Country Leeds 19th June 1993 Ticket
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Poster: Ark 2nd Birthday Town and Country Leeds 19th June 1993 Poster

  1. 00:00 Mole The Dipper – Ecstatic House (Bear Necessities)
  2. 02:30 Tango – Future Followers (Formation)
  3. 05:20 DJ Edge – Compnded (Remix)
  4. 07:30 Top Buzz – Livin’ In Darkness (93 Remix) (Basement)
  5. 10:00 Chaos And Julia Set – Bounce (Recoil)
  6. 12:00 Sacred – Do It Together (London Massive) (Remix)
  7. 14:00 20 Hurts EP – Side A1 (Sound Entity)
  8. 17:20 DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer- In Effect (Slammin Vinyl)
  9. 20:30 SMD – #1 Side AA (SMD)
  10. 23:20 Tango – Time Bomb (Formation)
  11.       27:00 Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era – Bust That Groove (Suburban Base)
  12. 28:20 DJ Krome And Mr Time – The Slammer (Suburban Base)
  13. 32:00 DJ Force And Evolution – Fall Down On Me (Kniteforce Records)
  14. 34:00 Nookie – Gonna Be Alright (Cloud 9 Remix) (Reinforced)
  15. 36:00 Bass Selective – Jessica’s Jaw (DJ Only)
  16. 37:20 Bass Selective – Blow Out Part II (The Expansions EP) (DJ Only Records)
  17. 39:40 SMD #1 – Side A (SMD)
  18. 42:50 Brainstorm Crew – Reach Up (The Storm EP) (F Project)

Gary Clail And On-U Sound System – These Things Are Worth Fighting For (Lion Rock Mix IV) (Perfecto) 
Floor Federation – Music For The Masses Part II
DJ CJ Bolland

  1. Pulsation – Transpulsation (Harthouse)
  2. CJ Bolland – Mantra (R And S)
  3. The Martian – Star Dancer (Red Planet)
  4. Vainqueur – Lyot (Maurizio Mix) (Maurizio)
  5. Disintergrator – Dark Black Ominous Clouds (Industrial Strength Records)
  6. Vapourspace – Gravitational Arch Of 10
  7. Dream Your Dream – Soushkin (Bonzai)
  1. Havana – Schtoom (American Remix)

Gary Norman
1) Unity – Unity (Let The Rhythm Remix) 
2) Evolution – Came Outta Nowhere (Sashas `Take Me Higher` Mix)
3) Evolution – Metropolis (Sashas `Cant Stop The Feelin` Remix)
4) House Brigade – A Madd Cry (5-OH Beats)
5) Collapse – My Love (Ambient Drops)
6) FPI Project – Risky
7) X-Press 2 – London X-Press (The Journey Continues) “raise your hands”
8) 2 For Joy – Let The Bass Kick 
9) Neon Light Featuring Fonda Rae – Keep On Dancing 
10) Think Tank – Hack 1 
11) Psychotropic – Hypnosis 
12) Duran Duran – Save A Prayer (Steve Anderson Remix) 
Mark Holliday
1) Sunscreem – Pressure (Back Room Mix) 
2) Ben Dover – Get Down Tonight 
3) Sydney Fresh – Feel The Bass 
4) 101 – Rock To The Beat 
5) Rhythmatic – Take Me Back 
6) My Friend Sam feat Voila Wills – Its My Pleasure
7) Restless Rockers – Restless 
8) SK Project And Roberta Gilliam – Your Love Is Taking Me Over (accapella) 
9) FPI Project – Rich In Paradise
10) The Big Wave – Louise Beat (No Voice Mix) (Space Records)
11) The Project feat Linda Rice – Out Of Control
12) Soundsource – Take Me Up (The Illegal Remixes) 
13) Bassheads – Is There Anybody Out There? 
14) Lionrock – Lionrock 
15) Rhythim Is Rhythim – Strings Of Life
16) Blow – The Cutter (briefly)
DJ Rob Tisssera
1. The Orb – A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain …. 
2. 2 In A Room – Do What You Want (12” Remix)
3. PG1 – Jazz Energy (Limbo)
4. M.A.S.I – Apache 
5. Eddie Flashin Fowlkes – Understand 
6. Groove Legion – Give It To Me “give it to me right now” female
7. Jamie Principle – Date With The Rain (Hurleys Dub Mix) 
8. The Mighty Dub Katz – Only When Im Dancing Do I Feel This Disco 
9. Keith Nunnally – Seasons Of Love (House Edit)
10. Felix – Dont You Want Me (Mix?)
11. JK – You Make Me Feel Good (think its PM Club Mix?)
12. Lifeforce – Scatterbox (male scat)
13. TC 1993 – Harmony (The Big Bump Symphony) 
14. Gradiva – To The Funky Beat (Underfunk Mix)
15. Direct 2 Disc – Excuse Me (Cleveland City)
16. SOUL SYSTEM – Its Gonna Be A Lovely Day (Palladium House Anthem 1)
Side 2
St Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your Heart (A Mix Of Two Halves) “the dj eases a spliff from his lyrical lips and smilingly orders sease”
1. Baffa – Piano On 
2. Mellow Mellow – I Cant Stop (Teknotribe Mix) “yeah” crowd cheer familiar
3. DOP – Groovy Beat (Rock-It Mix) 
4. Illuminatae – Brick House (LB’s Theme) (XVX) stuttery female / heavy riff 
5. E-Lustrious – Givin You No Rest 
6. C.J Bolland – Camargue “always looking for sunshine baby” female
7. The End – Humanitas (The Bassline Mixx) “bring your lovin to me yeah” male / piano
8. (24:00) ??? inst (also on circus circus set)
9. Cafe Latino Esta – La Musica (Havanna Mix) “la musica”
10. B e B – Touch Me (The Untouchable) (Marcon Music) “touch me” soft spoken female / organ
11. Reefa! – You Cant Stop The Groove
12. Brothers Love Dubs – Mings Incredible Disco Machine (Geeetaaar And Peeeyanno Mix) (Stress)
13. P.O.M. – Work Your Body (Extreme Records)  “work your body, give it up” male
14. House Beat Mechanics – Oooh So Nice (samples chime) “musics got me” female
15. PWM – Get Yourself Together (Piano Mix) “work your body, give it up” male
DJ Welly 
1. Spooky – Little Bullet (High Velocity Mix) (Guerilla)
2. Decktition – Touch (Trade)
3. Zero B – Lock Up (Remix)
4. Peter Perfect Meets Justin Robertson – Pitstop (The Prankster Mixes)
5. Direckt – Two Fatt Guitars “do it man”
6. Direct II Disc – Excuse Me “it wasnt me” 
7. Stereogen – Hi-Q
8. Visions Of Shiva – How Much Can You Take “shiva”
9. Hobo – Freedom (23rd Precinct) “let your body be free” female / electric guitar
10. Fruit Machine – Kiss Of Life ep (piano/male scat)
11. Cool Jack – Try The Feeling “try it” (Briefly)
DJ Vertigo 
1. Diesel And Ether – I Cant Sleep “i cant sleep at night, its because of you” female
2. Strawberry Bazaar – Bingo Specs Boogie (Limbo) “zonga right”
3. Arkanoid – Get A Super! (Electric Choc Remix) “im in love with you” female / Jaydee organ / piano
4. Subterranea feat. Ann Consuelo – Do It For Love “we got to move this beat going on” 
5. M People – One Night In Heaven (Mix?)
6. ??? “hold back, got the feeling” female
7. Xen Mantra – Goowan (Midas ep) “clap your hands” male
8. Juice – Do It Right “cos I can do it right, yes i can” piano
Helicopter Sound
9. Jimi Polo – Better Days (Sasha DMC Remix)
10. Akilah – I Wanna Have Everything “you know i need you”
11. Baby June – I Will Be Free “its alright its alright, cos you will be free to love”
12. Static Experience – Baby Right (soft spoken female/piano)
13. Mars Plastic – Find The Way (Trans-X-Val Mix)
14. Z100 – Testa Dont Stop
15. Crunch – Devo (foreign male) familiar
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  1. Anyone got an uploaded version of the Sy and CJ Bolland tape from Ark’s 2nd birthday? I borrowed this from a friend many moons agao, and it was nicked from me, whilst in my care. Leaving a hole in his otherwise legendary and guarded tape collection. If I can get hold of a physical copy, even better.

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