Ark Lancashire Uni Preston 12th June 1993

Date: Fri 12th June 1993
ark-lanc-uni-preston-12th-june-1993-front ark-lanc-uni-preston-12th-june-1993-back
Venue: Lancashire Uni Preston
DJ’s: Rob Tissera, Vertigo, Welly, Ewan Cawood, Shack, Craig Walsh, Jamie Garry
MC: Rush
Ticket: Unknown
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1) Direct 2 Disc – Dont Stop (Cleveland City) (DJ Craigs last tune)
DJ Welly
2) M People – One Night In Heaven (Mix?)
3) Lifeforce – Scatterbox (male scat)
4) Groove Legion – Give It To Me a
5) Direct 2 Disc – Excuse Me (Cleveland City)
6) (13:30) ??? inst
7) Decktition – Touch (Trade)
8) Hope – Tree Frog
9) New Order – (The Price Of Love) World (Brothers Dubstrumental)
10) Pizzaman – Babyloop (Loaded)
11) Jean Michel Jarre – Chronologie 4 (Sunscreem E-Motion Mix)
12) Movin Melodies – P)A)R)T)Y (Cotton Club Remix)
DJ Rob Tissera
1) ??? “you took my love, set me fee, do that to me now” (female acapella)
2) Moby – Go
3) Black Shark – Give It Up (Max Art Mix)
4) (07:30) ??? inst
5) Direckt – Two Fatt Guitars
6) Rollin Gear – Ive Got It
8) X-Press 2 – London X-Press (Junior Boys Own)
9) Silvia Coleman – Get On Up (accapella)
10) Seventh Sense – Get The Music
11) Mister X – Round Here
12) Corina – Loving You Like Crazy (acappella)
13) Sublime – Transamerican (Limbo)
14) Matto Grosso – Jungle (93 Club Remix)
15) House Pimps – Zulu Nation (Original)
16) Flipped Out – Everybody Is Somebody (Double Explosion Helicopter Buzz)
Ark Lanc Uni Preston 12th June 1993 DJ Vertigo And Ewan Cawood Tracklist
DJ Vertigo
1) Diesel And Ether – I Cant Sleep “i cant sleep at night, its because of you” female
2) Sasha And Danny Campbell – Together (Sasha’s United Club Mix)
3) Arkanoid – Get A Super! (Electric Choc Remix) “im in love with you” female / Jaydee organ / piano
4) Subterranea feat) Ann Consuelo – Do It For Love “we got to move this beat going on”
5) ??? “don digga don baby” (female scat)
6) B-Line – Herbal Hand [Cleveland City] (samples tc1992)
7) Gary Clail – Who Pays The Piper (Perfecto)
8) Havana – Shift (timpani drums) de-niro strings
9) Heavenly – 2 Dam Funky (Mix 2) (Funky Duck Records) big strings/synth
10) Akilah – I Wanna Have Everything “you know i need you”
11) Baby June – I Will Be Free “its alright its alright, cos you will be free to love”
12) Static Experience – Baby Right (soft spoken female / piano)
13) Mars Plastic – Find The Way (Trans-X-Val Mix)
14) Hardfloor – Acperience
DJ Ewan Cawood
1) ??? (samples tc1992) not B-Line
2) White Trash – Thug Funk [Brute] “let the rhythm hit em” male (samples paradox)
3) ??? “everybody get on up and dance now” female
4) M People – One Night In Heaven (Mix?)
5) Spooky – Little Bullet (Guerilla)
6) Grant Plant – Gotagetup (Grant Plant Mix) (MFF Records) “gotta get up baby, gotta feel good” female
7) Z100 – Testa Dont Stop
8) ??? “together forever, give me some more” DJ Dick – Weekend (Sample/Remix?)
9) Helicopter – On Ya Way
10) ??? piano
11) ??? “feel so good, make me feel good” male
12) D:Ream – Things Can Only Get Better (12″ D)Reamix)
13) Jungle Crew – Elektric Dance
14) Lisa B – Glam (Diss-Cuss Mix Una #2) “thats what I use to hear with”
15) Smells Like Heaven – Londres Strutt “bassline kickin yes im groovin” (Sample/Remix?)
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