Ark Leeds Uni 12th Feb 1994

Date: 12th Feb 1994
Flyer:Ark Leeds Uni 12th Feb 1994 Front Ark Leeds Uni 12th Feb 1994 Back
Venue: Leeds Uni
DJs: Carl Cox, Parks and Wilson, Rob Tissera, Vertigo, Paul Taylor
Anne Savage? Ewan Cawood
MC: Rush
PA: K-Klass
Mixes: Have all except Anne Savage
Tape Covers: Ark Leeds Uni 12th Feb 1994 DJ Carl Cox Tape Ark Leeds Uni 12th Feb 1994 DJ Ewan Cawood And Paul Taylor Tape Cover
Notes: We have a mix labelled as Anne Savage from this night, although she wasn’t on the flyer. Also the reviewer states he was at Ark at the Leeds Uni 2 years before, which is impossible as it was at the Poly then
Review: Ark Eternity March 1994 Review
Ticket: £14 Ark Leeds Uni 12th Feb 1994 Ticket
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Poster: Ark Leeds Uni 12th Feb 1994 Poster
Mixes and Tracklists: Tracklists not our work. Head to millions of great tracklists
Carl Cox Tracklist
1. ??? “come come come on” male (on pirate fm)
2. Jonny L – Make Me Work (Turn Me Around) “you know how to turn me around”
3. Atlantic Ocean – Waterfall
4. Loleatta Holloway – Stand Up (Clap Yo Hands Mix)
5. JX – Son Of A Gun
6. C*Y*B – Its Too Funky 
7. JT Company – Wet (Progressive Trance Mix)
8. Anti Visa – Ahh Yeah 
9. The Grip – Shades Of Passion “dont need no” female / piano
10. Subliminal Cuts – Drumtrack Melody “i was in search of”
11. M.A.N.I.C Featuring MC Ten – Party People (94 Remix)
12. Smooth Touch – House Of Love (Raise Your Hands Mix)
13. Marradona – Out Of My Head
14. Slo Moshun – Bells Of N.Y. 
15. DJ Edge – Spirit (Diversion EP)
Side 2
1. The Carl Cox Concept – The Planet Of Love “cant you feel it” female/piano
2. Deep Creed – Warriors Dance 
3. Chapter 9 – That Drum Track 
4. Hustlers Convention – Feeling Of Love “get yourself together” male
5. Shi-Take – Dont Look Back In Anger 
6. FKW – Jingo (Carl Cox Remix)
7. Moratto – La Pastilla Del Fuego (DJ Ricci And DFC Team Mix)
8. Flipped Out – Everybody Is Somebody 
9. Quench – Dreams 
10. Dubwise – Hold Me Real Tight 
11. Circle City – Moments Of Inertia
DJ Paul Taylor Tracklist

  1. M-People – Renaissance (I’m Coming Home) (John Digweed’s Full On Mix)
  2. 05:00 ? “i was patient, find a friend” (vocal samples from Weekend)
  3. Level 42 – All Over You (Pharmacy Dub) “im over you” or “i love you” male / horns
  4. Punchanella – San Trancisco (Air Tattoo Remix)
  5. Paninaro – The Wildstyle groove
  6. N.Y. Connection – In Front / Wan’ It (Original Mix) “I want it baby” 
  7. Loni Clark – U (K-Klassic Klub Mix)
  8. M.A.S.I. – Apache “we are the bass its time to get down”
  9. Arizona – I Specialize In Love (Greed House Mix)
  10. Keith Mac Project – Spice Of Life (mix? 
  11.     Deep Creed – Warrior’s Dance (Mandingo Tribe Mix)
  12. Slo Moshun – Bells Of NY (Zen Mantra’s Bell Mix)  
  13. Fabio Paras – Together (Dischi D’importazione) 
  14. Moby – Go (Woodtick Mix) very briefly?

DJ Ewan Cawood

  1. “step to the rhythm” male/nightcrawlers
  2. C And C Music Factory – Keep It Coming (Till You Cant Dance No More) ????
  3. Degrees Of Motion Featuring Biti – Shine On (Radiant Remix)
  4. Loveland – Let The Music Lift You Up (Publicity Executed Dub) 
  5. The Sound Man Featuring Mercy – The Factory (Duke’s Massive Blast Mix)
  6. Real 2 Real Featuring Mad Stuntman – I Like to Move It (Accapella)
  7. Leeman – Tracks For Working DJs (Volume One)
  8. Sublime – TGV (Paris-Marseille) [Limbo]
  9. Joe Roberts – Lover (Pharmacy Dub)
  10. Love Tools – You Gotta Be Movin’ (Euro Mix)
  11. Aretha Franklin – Deeper Love 

DJ Vertigo
1) Aretha Franklin – Deeper Love (Tribesman Mix)
2) Culture Club – Miss Me Blind (Remix) “i know you miss me”
3) Gabrielle – Because of You (Man City Mix?)
4) Paninaro – The Wildstyle (samples like Al-Nayfish) “while you can still dance to it feel the groove” male
5) Slo Moshun – Bells Of NY (Zen Mantra’s Bell Mix)
6) Brothers Love Dubs – The Mighty Ming (Original Club Mix)
7) Sultana – Te Amo (Caliente Mix)
8) Tony Di Bart – The Real Thing
9) JX – Son Of A Gun
10) Doop – Doop
DJ Rob Tissera
1) Megadrive – Bass Kalimba (Tribal Grooves EP) [3 Beat] male chanting “can you feel it”
2) Exposure – Party Claps “just hype the ball”
3) Khaled – Chebba (Man City Mix Instrumental)
4) Loveland – Let The Music (Lift You Up) “come on grab somebody”
5) Dream Frequency – The Dream (Rob Tissera Remix)
6) Flipped Out – The Fantasy (PP Orange And Rob Tissera Mix)
7) Lost Tribe Of The Lost Minds Of The Lost Valley – Gimme A Smile (The Delorme Versus Dharma Bums Remix)
8) Dilemma – In Spirit
comment : originally recieved this mix labelled Vertigo & Parks n Wilson
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