Ark Leeds Poly 7th Dec 1991

Date: 7th Dec 1991


Venue: Leeds Poly

DJs: Mark Holliday, Gary Norman, Rob Tissera, Dave Seamen, Steve Williams

Mixes: Have Norman and Holliday

Note: Have seen Pete Tong and John Kelly listed for this night in Mixmag, which must have been a mistake



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Rob Tissera And Gary Norman Tracklist

1) Piano Intro (From Terminator Movie Soundtrack)

  1. Unique 3 – No More (Sasha Remix)
  2. Blow – The Cutter (Ten)
  3. DOP – Future Le Funk (Guerilla)
  4. Renegade Soundwave – Thunder “Work That Body, Keep That Body Working” Female Acapella
  5. Smart Systems – The Tingler (Jumpin N Pumpin)
  6. Bizarre Inc – Raise Me (Eons Ascension Mix) (Vinyl Solution)
  7. C-Force – Don’t Look Down (Devotion) “La Muzika” Male/acidy
  8. Slam – Eterna
  9. The Big Wave – Louise Beat (No Voice Mix) “Just Feel The Bass, My Sweet Louie” Male / Piano
  10.       Soundsource – Take Me Up (Illegal Mixes)
  11. Bassheads – Is The Anybody Out There?
  12. Love Decade – So Real

Part 2

  1. Bassomatic – Attack Of The 50ft Drum Machine
  2. Primal Scream – Don’t Fight It, Feel It (Scat Mix)
  3. Yo Bots – I Got It (Groove Mix)
  4. Yasmine – Sacrifice “For A Moment Of Love” Female/piano
  5. Clubland – Hold On Tighter (To Love) (Steve Silk Hurley Mix)
  6. Brother Makes 3 – I Wanna? (Divas On It Mix) “I Wanna Dance, Don’t You Wanna Dance Now” Female
  7. Supereal – Body Medusa (Leftfield Remix) (Guerilla)
  8. C-Force – Dont Look Down (Steve Proctor mix/dub?) sax / vocoder vocals (samples leftfield not forgotten)
  9. Thompson Twins – The Saint (Red Zone Dub) 
  10. First Choice – Let No Man Put Asunder (Acapella)
  11.       Underground Resistance Feat) Yolanda – Living For The Night (? Remix)
  12. Korda – Move Your Body “In & Out & All Around Move Your Body To The Sound”
  13. House Brigade – A Madd Cry (5-OH Beats) ? Has The Beat From NWA – Express Yourself (Briefly)


comment : originally received this mix labelled Gary Norman & Rob Tissera @ Ark 7th Dec 92,, have since been told it is Gary Norman & Mark Holliday @ Ark July 91,, 

just to confuse things even more, side B could possibly be side A of Gary Norman @ Ark 11th Oct 91 as the last track with the NWA beat is the first track of that set (just a guess thou) 😉


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