Human Resource – Dominator The Story

Human Resource – Dominator The Story How the legendary 1991 Belgian Techno anthem Human Resource – Dominator was made Human Resource – Dominator The Story Did we ever mention we spent a while night dancing to this tune at Joe Banana’s stall at Reading Festival in 1991? More about the song here – We always… Continue reading Human Resource – Dominator The Story

Flipped Out – So Much Joy (Original Mix)

Flipped Out – So Much Joy (Original Mix). Hard to define this. House? Hardcore? Nevermind, it’s a fantastic tune full of invention. Makes a great first song to a mix, or else a real end of night number.  Classy stuff, as is everything from Flipped Out. This is massive epic euphoric house that later appeared… Continue reading Flipped Out – So Much Joy (Original Mix)

Basics Discography

Original post here Music Factory Years 91-94 part one by ralphlawson Marshall Jefferson presents Truth – Open Your Eyes I decided to start this series of mixes celebrating 20 years of Back to Basics with the first ever record played at the club – Marshall Jefferson presents Truth – ‘Open Your Eyes’. Why did I chose… Continue reading Basics Discography

1992 hardcore

The Wire 300: Simon Reynolds on the Hardcore Continuum #1: Hardcore Rave (1992) 1992 hardcore – original post here – Written by the man behind Energy Flash – which you should definitely get a copy of  Originally published as “Technical Ecstasy” in The Wire #105 November 1992. 1992 Hardcore Article “See my face, not a… Continue reading 1992 hardcore

Scottish Techno

Original Post here “I just died in your arms tonight…” Midnight on Friday at Tek 2000 in Hamilton. The vintage rock strains of Cutting Crew are speeding, pitched-up and condensed over distorted 180 bpm kick drum. A hefty MC in saggy grey tracksuit and baseball cap lumbers about the stage offering a barely discernible stream… Continue reading Scottish Techno