Bleep in Leeds

Bleep it out! The bowel-quaking dance music of late-80s Yorkshire Books and compilations are reanimating the overlooked sound of bleep: a speaker-smashing strain of DIY techno born out of breakdance rivalries and heavy industry original article here – In 1989, George Evelyn was driving in a stream of shimmering headlights, in convoy, to a… Continue reading Bleep in Leeds

Utah Saints early TV interview

Utah Saints early TV interview with some great video from the Leeds Gallery We reckon the date is wrong and that they are talking about this Ark from the 13th Sep 1991, but we might be wrong.

Lost in Space 6th July 1989 Leeds Rave

Lost in Space 6th July 1989. Early event in Leeds, busted by the police. Check out a very young Tony Hannon from Up Yer Ronson in this. More Tony Hannan here We’ve got masses of rave content from Leeds on the site, including the Orbit, Basics and Ark.

The Orbit Leeds Claude Young 1997 Video

Going Off at The Orbit in 1997 The Orbit Leeds Claude Young 1997 Video Showing Claude Young doing the banging business. We’ve written about the Orbit many times before, check these out Techno in Leeds The Orbit – The UK’s Legendary Techno Club Video

Dream FM Leeds The beginning and more here too Dream FM | expletive undeleted. TUHIN, recruitment consultant, major-league caner, and my then girlfriend’s ecstasy pal, drove us to the gig, as he often did, with his three year old contact lenses burning their way through his eyeballs – so that’s probably why we got there fashionably late. I may… Continue reading Dream FM Leeds The beginning

Love Decade

Original post here [This piece originally appeared in The Big Issue in the North in July 2000] IT WASN’T so unusual that someone threw a party in Gildersome, just south of Leeds, 10 years ago. What was unusual was the fact that 836 people were arrested for attending it. The party wasn’t for anyone’s… Continue reading Love Decade

Up Yer Ronson Tony Hanon—king-of-clubs Words: Adriana Hamacher Photos: Mark McNulty Published in Mixmag April 1993 It’s April 1993 and in clubland two names are standing out brighter and louder than any others. While others are scrabbling to survive the recession, two club runners are caning it. Sean McClusky has Merry England and Love Ranch in London and Tony… Continue reading Up Yer Ronson Tony Hanon

Basics Discography

Original post here Music Factory Years 91-94 part one by ralphlawson Marshall Jefferson presents Truth – Open Your Eyes I decided to start this series of mixes celebrating 20 years of Back to Basics with the first ever record played at the club – Marshall Jefferson presents Truth – ‘Open Your Eyes’. Why did I chose… Continue reading Basics Discography