1999 onwards

back to basics The Mint Club Years 1998-2002 — Ralph Lawson

Here’s the latest installment of this series.  By now we had stopped going to Basics and the music definitely is lacking something.  However its a typically tight mix, nice background music.  Plus the story is worth reading of the fall out with Ronson Source: back to basics // The Mint Club Years // 1998-2002 — […]

SFINKS – Ruff Driverz – Waiting For The Sun (Fistful Of Dollars Remix)

  Rubbish song.  Not even sure how we came across it. But what is good is that there is clearly a whole culture around a club called SFINKS that we have never heard of or even know what country it is in. Or when it was. Edit – This sounds like a live mix.  Polish? […]

BBC Mastermind Ibiza special edition

http://www.theguardian.com/media/mediamonkeyblog/2015/may/19/ive-larged-it-so-ill-finish-mastermind-to-get-the-ibiza-treatment John Humphrys is to host an Ibiza-themed Mastermind special in a tie-up with BBC Radio 1 to support the 20th anniversary of its music weekend on the Balearic island. errr…. Your starters for 10 1) What time did the Star Bar used to open? 2) What time did it close? 3) How much is […]

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