The Orb Q and A

Original Post here http://www.pushstuff.co.uk/mminfofreakos/orb091093.html THE ORB SECRET SUPPLIES I would like to learn more about The Orb’s samples. I know that the girl’s voice on “Little Fluffy Clouds” is Kim Basinger and the conversation at the start of “Towers Of Dub” is Victor Lewis-Smith, but I’m told there are loads of other hidden and obscure […]

Up Yer Ronson Tony Hanon

http://www.mixmag.net/words/from-the-archives/classic-features/april-1993—king-of-clubs Words: Adriana Hamacher Photos: Mark McNulty Published in Mixmag April 1993 It’s April 1993 and in clubland two names are standing out brighter and louder than any others. While others are scrabbling to survive the recession, two club runners are caning it. Sean McClusky has Merry England and Love Ranch in London and Tony […]

Utah Saints -New Gold Dream – Leeds Town Country Club 21st Aug 1993

Utah Saints (Feat. Andrew Eldritch) – New Gold Dream – Leeds Town & Country Club 21 Aug 1993 We love the Utah Saints, and we love Leeds.  We didn;t even know about this gig until recently. Here is a nasty quality rip of New Gold Dream from the Utah’s 1st album And the ticket from […]

Mixmag December 1993 Why Don’t DJ’s Turn Up?

Mixmag | DECEMBER 1993 – WHY DON’T DJS TURN UP?. I bet they turn up now that the mega money has gone. Although this is almost 20 years ago We see the flyers, we pay our money and all too often they never turn up. Words: Jane Headon Cartoon: Stuart Harrison Published in Mixmag December […]

Ali Cooke – Back To Basics

ralphlawson – Blog Head over to Ralphs blog to read loads more about Back To Basics and Leeds clubbing I first met Ali Cooke in Kik Flip Records in Leeds.  The record shop was below a clothes store called Buffalo which was the first shop in Leeds to sell Stussy clothing.  The walls were personally […]

20 years Ago today Thank you for the music

Original post here Thank you for the music – The Acid Grandads. We have written about Back to Basics before, Leeds. April 1993. Kind of poignant given that co-founder and DJ Ali Cooke, along with Ralph Lawson’s girlfriend, Jos Higgin, died in a car accident 20 years ago today. via 20 years Ago today Thank […]

Carter 1993 Interview

Original Post here http://www.pushstuff.co.uk/omfeatures/carter1093.html Deadline | Feature | October 1993 CARTER USM THE UNSTOPPABLE TEAM deadlinecarter1 “You wouldn’t happen to have any champers, would you?” asks the man in the doorway, his bushy eyebrows jiggling up and down in excited expectation. They look like epileptic caterpillars. Jim Bob and Fruitbat make no attempt to reply. […]

The Frank and Walters

Original post here http://www.pushstuff.co.uk/mmfeatures/frankandwalters090193.html Melody Maker | Feature | 9 January 1993 | Photos: Stephen Sweet THE FRANK AND WALTERS MAKING A SPLASH “Wow! Will you look at that now? Isn’t that just crazy?” Ashley Keating, The Frank And Walters’ ever-smiling drummer, points at the flamingos hovering above the palm trees. He wipes his brow […]

Sonic Mine EP – The Speed Freak Gabba

“It’s just noise. It’s too loud. How can you dance to this. It’s like heavy metal. WTF?  Horrible!!” That is the f@cking point. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8iIJOOmI7Q?rel=0&w=480&h=360] Respect to the don’t give a f@ck possee.  Shout to the Rezerection crew. Dutch crew. The nutters. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kx7nA3ktWyg?rel=0&w=480&h=360]

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