Utah Saints -New Gold Dream – Leeds Town Country Club 21st Aug 1993

Utah Saints (Feat. Andrew Eldritch) – New Gold Dream – Leeds Town & Country Club 21 Aug 1993

We love the Utah Saints, and we love Leeds.  We didn;t even know about this gig until recently. Here is a nasty quality rip of New Gold Dream from the Utah’s 1st album

And the ticket from the gig

250px-930821_ticketThis was a benefit event for the Homeless Off The Street Fund , where Eldritch appeared as guest singer with the Utah Saints A good way into their set, he entered the stage and they did Gimme Shelter together.




And the Utahs setlist, whicas recorded apparently, if anyoen has a copy please get in contact








Mixmag December 1993 Why Don’t DJ’s Turn Up?


I bet they turn up now that the mega money has gone. Although this is almost 20 years ago


We see the flyers, we pay our money and all too often they never turn up.

Words: Jane Headon
Cartoon: Stuart Harrison
Published in Mixmag December 1993

It’s a familiar story. You’ve paid £15 to hear your favourite DJ and you couldn’t care less about the rest of the line-up. You’re well inside the door before you realise he’s not actually showing. And can you get your money back? You’d have more chance of being asked to DJ yourself. It wouldn’t and doesn’t happen with live bands so why should we have to put up with it? And why is it so hard to find someone to blame?

Promoters say it’s not their fault, that they book DJs who never show and how can they be held responsible for the flaky nature of the disc spinners? Recently however, DJs have been pointing their fingers at dodgy dealers who put their names on flyers fraudulently, knowing full well that the DJ isn’t even booked.

20 years Ago today Thank you for the music

Original post here Thank you for the music – The Acid Grandads.

We have written about Back to Basics before, Leeds. April 1993.

Kind of poignant given that co-founder and DJ Ali Cooke, along with
Ralph Lawson’s girlfriend, Jos Higgin, died in a car accident 20 years
ago today.

via 20 years Ago today Thank you for the music – The Acid Grandads.