Thunderdome Never Dies

With the Hardcore Never Dies film just released (in Holland) and Thunderdome 2023 just last weekend we thought it was worth sharing this excellent documentary from Thunderdome. Even if 180BPM is a bit quick for you, the passion for the scence, and how it translates to any scene still stand out. Not embeddable, click on… Continue reading Thunderdome Never Dies

Hardcore Will Never Die Film

hardcore will never die film. One for the gabba crew. #airmaxbw Out on Amazon Prime in Dec. We’ve written loads about gabba before More info on the film here And the mighty Thunderdome have a new trailer out

History of Thunderdome rave

Thunderdome: the Dutch rave with the world’s fastest, hardest music Originally posted – More 88to98 gabba here and here and super hard beats here Thunderdome launched with a giant octopus on an ice rink – and created the Netherlands’ biggest youth culture movement. Three decades on, it’s stronger and tougher than ever Last weekend,… Continue reading History of Thunderdome rave

Scottish Techno

Original Post here “I just died in your arms tonight…” Midnight on Friday at Tek 2000 in Hamilton. The vintage rock strains of Cutting Crew are speeding, pitched-up and condensed over distorted 180 bpm kick drum. A hefty MC in saggy grey tracksuit and baseball cap lumbers about the stage offering a barely discernible stream… Continue reading Scottish Techno