Merry Christmas to all of you


This never goes out of style.  A Christmas message for all of you.

Yes, we do repost this every Christmas day.  Merry f@cking Christmas and have a f@cked up New Year.


The roughest hardest nastiest playlist ever?

Who The Fuck Are You? Bass Inc
Cock Sucker Bloody Fist
Cunt Face Bloody Fist
Ya Mutha D.O.A.
Suicide Squad Da Killer
Wanna Be A Gangsta Discipled of Annihilation
Jiiieehaaah Diss Reaction
What The Fuck! (Scott Brown Mix) DJ E-Rick And Tactic
I Wanna Be a Gabber Baby DJ Isaac
The Blood Of An English Muffin DJ Lenny Dee
Fucking Hostile DJ Lenny Dee
Step Da Fuck Off DJ Psyko Punk
Mad As Hell DJ Ralphie Dee
Fuckin Hardcore DJ Red Alert And Mike Slammer
Gabber Up Your Ass DJ Rob Gee
Ready For War DJ Scott Brown
Extreme Terror DJ Skinhead
That Shits Wild Dr Derelict
Nation Extermination Genaside
Bonehead Hard Attack
Fuck Them Human Resource
E Heads Must Die Johnny Violent
The Hardest Gabba Johnny Violent
I’m Gonna Fuck You Johnny Violent
Johnny Is A Bastard Johnny Violent
Don’t Fuck With A Ruffneck (Alliance Version) Juggernaut
Feyenoord Rotterdam Termination Source
Poing (Original Mix) Rotterdam Termination Source
Fat Motherfucker S.T.O.R.E.
I’ll Take You All to Fuckin’ Hell Scarface
No Woman Allowed Sperminator
I Wanna Be A Hippy (Speedfreak Mix) Technohead
i kill you Tellurian
The Fuck Ups The Rampage
Sonic-Mine EP The Speed freak
Fuck Society Ultra-Sonic
Rotterdam Hooligan (Feyenoord) Unknown
I’m The Fuck You Man Wedlock

The Worst Mix of all time?

This might be the worse set of all time, and we normally like Loftgroover full on gabba.
The first half is rubbish hard trance/gabba and we only recognise the 2nd track – Bass X – Hardcore Creators, then at 32 mins he swaps to boring garage.
its hard to believe anyone likes this tape.  must have been confusing on the actual night. its like he realised noone there liked gabba and all else he had was the worst kind of dull us sounding housey garage.   Imagine is this was your first ever rave, you’d be off to the local indie club like a shot.
To top it off there’s also some lame and too loud MCing (from the normally reliable MC Rush and MC MC).  Plus the mixing is cack.

Post up any other rubbish mixes in the comments.

As a ying to this yang, check out The Greatest mix of all time