Rotterdam Termination Source – Merry X-mess Merry Christmas to all of you

Rotterdam Termination Source – Merry X-mess This never goes out of style.  Rotterdam Termination Source – Merry X-mess. A Christmas message for all of you. Yes, we do repost this every Christmas day.  Merry f@cking Christmas and have a f@cked up New Year. More Dutch style madness Full Discogs details here

Scottish Techno

Original Post here “I just died in your arms tonight…” Midnight on Friday at Tek 2000 in Hamilton. The vintage rock strains of Cutting Crew are speeding, pitched-up and condensed over distorted 180 bpm kick drum. A hefty MC in saggy grey tracksuit and baseball cap lumbers about the stage offering a barely discernible stream […]

The roughest hardest nastiest playlist ever?

Who The Fuck Are You? Bass Inc Cock Sucker Bloody Fist Cunt Face Bloody Fist Ya Mutha D.O.A. Suicide Squad Da Killer Wanna Be A Gangsta Discipled of Annihilation Jiiieehaaah Diss Reaction What The Fuck! (Scott Brown Mix) DJ E-Rick And Tactic I Wanna Be a Gabber Baby DJ Isaac The Blood Of An English […]

The Worst Mix of all time?

This might be the worse set of all time, and we normally like Loftgroover full on gabba. The first half is rubbish hard trance/gabba and we only recognise the 2nd track – Bass X – Hardcore Creators, then at 32 mins he swaps to boring garage. its hard to believe anyone likes this tape.  must […]

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