oldskool house rave hardcore music

Oldskool house rave techno and hardcore music from 1988 to 1998. A repository of flyers, tunes, tracklists, photos and memories from the golden years of UK clubbing. A full list of all the Ark raves from Leeds as well.

If the 90’s mean Boyzone, Oasis, the Spice Girls or Boyz2Men then move on, there’s nothing here for you.

If you graced the Hacienda, Orbit, Up Yer Ronson, Life, Shelleys, Dreamscape, Fantazia, Rezerection, Basics or others, then come on in.

Ark And Universe Leeds Uni 25th June 1994

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The home of info about the Ark club nights that ran from 1991-1997 in Leeds and Manchester

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