Everything oldskool house rave techno and hardcore related from 1988 to 1998. A repository of flyers, tunes, tracklists, photos and memories from the golden years of UK clubbing. A full list of all the Ark raves from Leeds as well.

If the 90’s mean Boyzone, Oasis, the Spice Girls or Boyz2Men then move on, there’s nothing here for you.

If you graced the Hacienda, Orbit, Up Yer Ronson, Life, Shelleys, Dreamscape, Fantazia, Rezerection, Basics or others, then come on in.


Welcome at 88to98

  • The lunatics
  • the nutters
  • the hardcore
  • the whistle posse
  • the gabba crew
  • the shirts off posse
  • the gurners
  • the foghorn
  • the white glove crew
  • the hi vis jackets
  • the vicks/tiger balm
  • the white hats
  • the stage crew
  • motorway service crew
  • the wanna be mc’s
  • the mosh pit
  • stage divers
  • happy hardcore crew
  • happy junglists
  • hard house
  • trance crew
  • scottish bouncy techno crew
  • the Northern Irish hardcore crew
  • acid house

Not Tonight mate

  • VIPS
  • bottle service
  • non dancers
  • wall flowers
  • moody stares
  • drinkers
  • 7 Inches
  • Now Thats What I Call Dance
  • moody junglists
  • posers
  • leather jeans
  • DJ groupies
  • loads of MC’s on the stage
  • Champagne
  • Gangs
  • being too cool for school

Things We Like at 88to98

  • climbing on the speakers
  • making hundreds of new friends
  • clippers
  • pirate radio
  • buzz tapes
  • car alarms
  • pinky and perky
  • the old joanna
  • hoovers
  • 12 inches
  • giving strangers a lift home
  • having hundreds of flyers on your wall
  • car park parties

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