Ark And Fantazia Palace Blackpool Boxing Day 1994

Date: Ark Boxing Day 26th Dec 1994
ark-and-fantazia-palace-blackpool-monday-26th-dec-1994-inside ark-and-fantazia-palace-blackpool-monday-26th-dec-1994-outsideVenue: Palace Blackpool
DJ’s: Stu Allan, Sy, Loftgroover, Slipmatt, Ewan Cawood
MC: Rush
PA’s: Hyper GoGo, Flipped Out
Note: The only Ark to ever be held on a Boxing Day, and with Fantazia. This is also the site of the extraordinary Loftgroover set from thsi night. Known for playing Gabba, he plays half an hour of the most boring house before getting going. No wonder he was never asked back
Review: We heard reports of huge queue’s to get in, and the crowd being kept in the cold for up to an hour before being let in.
Ticket: £14
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Ark And Fantazia Palace Blackpool Mon 26th Dec 1994 DJ Excel Tracklist
1)    FPI project rich paradise remix
2)    Electric Choc – Choc The Beat (Piano Mix)
3)    Artemesia – Bits And Pieces (Original Mix)
4)    Blue Bamboo – A, B, C And D
5)    King Bee – Back By Dope Demand
6)    Asha – JJ Tribute (Dream Frequency Meets Rob Tissera Club Mix)
7)    Asmo – Jam The Dance (More Time Mix)
8)    Problem House – Party People
9)    Olga – I’m A Bitch (House Nation Mix)
10)    Pan Position – Jack Y’All (Club Version)
11)         Rhythm Quest – Closer To All Your Dreams (Hybrid Mix)
12)    The Rockford Files – You Sexy Dancer (Original Mix)
13)    Terrorize – It’s Just A Feeling
14)    The Rockford Files – You Gotta Know (Original Version)
15)     Greed – Pump Up The Volume (Original DMC Remix)
16)    Shades Of Rhythm – Sweet Sensation (Original Mix)
Ark And Fantazia Palace Blackpool Mon 26th Dec 1994 DJ Slipmatt Tracklist
1)    RM Project – Rock To The Beat (Club Mix)
2)    The Source – Sanctuary Of Love (Red Jerry ReVamp)
3)    Tocayo – Shake Your Body
4)    Li Kwan – I Need A Man (Seka Mix)
5)    Red Eye – Kut It (Hi-Lux Remix)
DJ Slipmatt
1) Ramos, Supreme And Sunset Regime – Sunshine (The Pa Kua mix) (Hectic)
2) Sunset Regime – Transducer (RSR)
3) Happy Tunes – The Stomper (Happy Tunes)
4) Force And Evolution – Perfect Dreams (Vibes And Wishdokta remix) (Kniteforce)
5) Billy Daniel Bunter And JDS. – Music Is Moods (Just Another Label)
6) Midas – Groove Control (Hectic)
7) Sy And Unknown – D-Day (Universal)
8) Eruption – Nicey (Impact)
9) Dougal And Mickey Skeedale – Seven Ways (Dubplate Mix) (Unreleased)
10) Sy And Unknown – Let The Bass Kick (Impact)
11) Eruption – I Need Somebody (United Dance)
12) Vibes And Wishdokta – Feel Good (Asylum)
13) Dougal And Mickey Skeedale – Sky High (Diehard)
14) DJ Hixx And Sunset Regime – People’s Party (Timmy’s Bad Boy Mix) (RSR)
15) Q Tex – E-Creation (’94 Mix) (Evolution)
16) SMD – #1 Side A (SMD)
Ark And Fantazia Palace Blackpool Mon 26th Dec 1994 DJ Stu Allan Tracklist
1)    Millionaire Hippies – C’mon (Vinyl Café Tribute Mix)
2)    04:40 ? “come on baby” repeated
3)    Sub Bug – Keep Rockin (Fantastic Records) “can you feel it” male scream
4)    Alex Party – Don’t Give Me Your Life (Dancing Divaz Rhythm Mix)
5)    House Pimps – Zulu Nation
6)    Perfecto Allstars – Reach Up (Perfecto Remix)
7)    Bump ‘N’ Grind – Karamba (Rob Tissera Remix) (Megadrive EP)
8)    Decktition – Love Rush (Original Mix)
9)    Clock – Axel F (Clock Ten To 2 Mix)
10)    Massive – Dansattak (Q-Tex Remix)
11)        House Traffic – Everyday Of My Life (Highway Mix or the Interstrada mix both are really similar)
12)    Clock – Holdin On’ Holding On (Portamento Mix i think
13)    Brothers In Rhythm – Peace And Harmony
14)    Dream Frequency – Take Me (Anthem Mix)
Start of DJ Sy set?
1) pamela fernandez sample – i know the feeling
Ark And Fantazia Palace Blackpool Mon 26th Dec 1994 DJ Sy Tracklist
1)    Funk Patrol – I Can’t Wait
2)    KGB – Burning Like Fire
3)    The Cotton Club – In My House
4)    Bit Machine – Somebody Real (Pianopella)
5)    PCL – When Your Moving (Water Mix) (Labello Dance)
6)    Itchy And Scratchy – Come On (Insane Mix) (Itchin And Bitchin EP)
7)    Chapter 9 – Rollercoaster (Original Mix)
8)    Daydreemer – Show Me (Big Giant)
9)    Reel 2 Real Featuring Mad Stuntman – Raise Your Hands (Erick More Club Mix)
10)     Home Alone – Gimme Your Love (House Mix) (Loaded)
11)     36 i know the feeling
12)    Funk Patrol – Universe (Ouch!)
13)    Soft House Company 2 – What You Need (Luvdups At Home Mix)
14)    Direckt – Two Fatt Guitars (Revisited)
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