Ark Leeds Uni 23rd April 1994

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Date: 23rd April 1994
Ark Leeds Uni 23rd April 1994 Front
Ark Leeds Uni 23rd April 1994 Back
DJs: Carl Cox, John Digweed, Rob Tissera, Ewan Cawood, Vertigo, Ian Ossia
MC: MC Rush
Live PA: Sasha, Gloworm
Ticket: £14
Notes: Opened half an hour earlier than normal for some reason!
Tapes:  Wanted Rob Tissera
Ark Leeds Uni 23rd April 1994 DJ John Digweed And Ewan Cawood Tape Cover
DJ John Digweed 
1) ??? “make you go ooh na na na na” male/piano
2) Rebound – Make It Funky (Rebound ep) [Manchester Underground Recordings] 
3) E-Lustrious – In Your Dance (Bivouac Mix) 
4) The Grid – Swamp Thing (mix?)
5) Secret Life – She Holds The Key 
6) Parks And Wilson – Tax The Sax (LA Underground Mix) [Stress]
7) Bubbleman – Theme From Bubbleman (Ground Level’s Sweep Mix)
8) Route 66 – Revolution
9) (33:00) ? female “you must admid, you got me down” Expression 4?
10) The Peppermint Lounge – Lemon Project [Movin Melodies]
11) Inner City – Share My Life (Parks & Wilson LA Underground Mix)
DJ Ewan Cawood 
1) The Peppermint Lounge – Lemon Project [Movin Melodies]
2) ? “blow your whistle, blow, its gonna blow”
3) ??? “together forever, give me some more” DJ Dick – Weekend (Sample/Remix?)
4) Thelma Houston – Throw You Down (Rave Mix)
5) ? “got to have you, feeling” repeated
6) Hysterix – Must Be The Music (Pharmacy Dub) [Deconstruction] 
7) ? disco loop
8) Parks And Wilson – Let The Music Lift You Up (Dancefloor Demolition Mix) [Stress] 
9) Motiv8 – Rockin For Myself (mix?)
10) Deadly Sins – We Are Going On Down
11) Cookie Watkins – Im Attracted To You
12) Subliminal Aurra – No Stoppin (Zanzibar Mix)
13) ? scat/sax/piano
14) ? piano
15) Glam With Pete Burns – Sex Drive (DJ Ricci Hard Mix)
16) ? cheesy
Carl Cox

  1. Mad Sound Disease – MoonBoom
  2. Paz And Pooba – Hold Me Tight
  3. ? make it funky now
  4. Khaled – Chebba (Man City Mix Instrumental)
  5. JX – Son Of A Gun (mix?)
  6. Movin Melodies – La Luna (The Ethics ep) “to the beat of the drum, bang bang”
  7. Touchdown ‎– Let The Music Take Control (Hard Trance Mix)
  8. T-Empo – Saturday Night, Sunday Morning (Scat-A-Day Mix)
  9. Chemical Brothers – Chemical Beats
  10. Deep Creed – Can U Feel It 94 (Circle City Remix) 
  11.       MANIC feat MC Ten – Jump Into This (Club Mix)
  12. Club House feat Carl – Light My Fire (Km) 1972 Mix) 
  13. ? “hu” repeated female
  14. Keith Mac Project – Take Me To A Higher Love (Higher Than The Sun Mix)
  15. Donna Giles – And Im Telling You (Im Not Going) (Pride Mix) (Briefly)
  16. Deadly Sins – We Are Going On Down (Bottom Dollar Club Mix
  17. Jonny L – Make Me Work (Turn Me Around) (Primal Urge Mix)
  18. ? male
  19. Quench – Dreams
  20. Hyperspace – Europa (Deep In Milan)
  21. ? acidy
  22. JX – Son Of A Gun (Extended Hooj Mix)
  23. Blast – Crayzy Man (F.O.S. In Progress Mix)
  24. Sultana – Te Amo (Digweed Dub)

Vertigo And Ian Ossia
1. Sultana – Te Amo (Digweed Dub) progressive inst “boom cha”
2. Rachid Taha – Indie (The Game Is Afoot) indian flute
3. ??? inst with synth bassline (also on vertigo tush)
4. ??? inst (also on vertigo tush)
5. Sound Factory – Good Time (Pure)
6. The Foot Club – Driftwood (The Big Magic Tom Tom Mix) “get down, in my house” male scat
7. ??? “ooh yeah” female / piano
8. Doobie Brothers – Listen To The Music (think its Man City Dub) “wooh”
9. Brothers In Rhythm – Forever & A Day (Original Club Mix)
10. Greg Fenton Presents Silver City – Love Infinity (Gregs Full On Disco Mix)
1. Anthony White – Love Me Tonight (Fathers Of Sound Extended Club Mix)
2. Sandee – Notice Me (Maxx Suite Version) “why dont you love me like i love you” female
3. Junior Vasquez – Get You Hands Off my Man (Sound Factory Mix) “work it out” male/piano
4. ??? “deeper” male / samples from the wildchild
5. Our Tribe feat Franke Pharoah – Love Come Home (mix?) “when will love come home” female
6. N.Y. Connection – In Front, Wan’ It? (High Resolution) “baby” “im gonna” repeated female vocal 
7. K-Klass – What You’re Missing (Pharmacy Dub) “reach out, hold on I love someone” male
8. Power Circle – Its So Good (Boys Mix) acidy / female “i see it”
9. ??? “listen, throw your hands in the air, wave them in the atmosphere” male / percussive
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