Ark Leeds Poly 14th June 1991

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Date: Friday 14th June 1991

Venue: Leeds Poly (now Leeds Metropolitan University)

DJ’s: Nipper, Andy Carrol, Gary Norman, Dave Quinn

Ticket: £5 – Scan Wanted

Mixes: Wanted

Mix Tracklists: Wanted

Notes: The first ever Ark

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Ark 1st Ever Leeds Poly 14th June 1991 Poster
Ark 1st Ever Leeds Poly 14th June 1991 Poster




2 thoughts on “Ark Leeds Poly 14th June 1991

  1. Only just found this site and loving reading about Ark. I was one of the promoters for the first 5 or 6. Up until the first Bradford night, then after that I was out of my depth and went back to being a second year student! Before Ark there was a one off night at Leeds Uni called Seduction, for which we had convinced the Student Union to let us commandeer what would have otherwise been an end of term disco. And then god knows how, convinced Paul Oakenfold to come and play. A ‘Seduction 2’ at The Warehouse didn’t go so well an there was a night in the smaller Harvey Milk bar at the Uni called Ecstatic that we we’re dicking around with from memory. Then we tried Ark out. Name and first flyer was ripped from an eco-friendly laundry detergent. Poly was picked (from memory) because we’d seen Joy and Sol pack it out year before. The crew was the same bunch that crewed all the music gigs at the Uni. Everything was cash in hand. And I nearly killed myself spray painting home made neon banners on bedsheets the night before. Anyhows, thanks for the memory jog. Love that it went on to become such a big night and mean a lot to people

    1. nice one Russ. cheers for the back story, a lot of this was news to us. do you have any flyers, sets or phots from those early days? if so can you drop us a message? Did you know at the time that there was an Ark down South as well?

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