Ark Leeds Poly 8th Nov 1991

Date: 8th Nov 1991

Flyer: Ark Leeds Poly Fri 8th Nov 1991 Front Ark Leeds Poly Fri 8th Nov 1991 Back

Venue: Leeds Poly

DJs: Mark Holliday, Gary Norman, Dave Seamen

Mixes: Have all

Ticket: £7

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Mark Holliday

  1. 1) B.G. The Prince Of Rap – Take Control Of The Party (Sinister Dub Mix)
  2. 2) House Brigade – A Madd Cry (5-OH Beats) has the beat from NWA – Express Yourself 
  3. 3) E-Motion – We’re On The Move (Promised Land ep)
  4. 4) The Family Foundation – Express Yourself (Original Don Mix)
  5. 5) Gongo – Master Blaster (Extended Version)
  6. 6) Lisa Lisa And Cult Jam – Let The Beat Hit ‘Em (Accapella)
  7. 7) Capella Featuring Loletta Holloway – Take Me Away
  8. 8) Katherine E – Then I Feel Good (Mix?
  9. 9) Katherine E – I’m Alright (Mix?
  10. 10) East Side Beat – Ride Like the Wind
  11. 11)     Gypsymen – Stoppin Us
  12. 12) 2 For Joy – Let The Bass Kick (Original Version)
  1. 1) Neon Light feat Fonda Rae – Keep On Dancing
  2. 2) Underground Resistance feat Yolanda – Living For The Night (Brainstorm Live Mix)
  3. 3) Watanabe – Odoru (Unreleased Version)
  4. 4) Primal Scream – Don’t Fight It, Feel It (Scat Mix)
  5. 5) Raze – Basspower (acappella)
  6. 6) Joey Negro – Do What You Feel (Dum Dum Mix)
  7. 7) Bass-o-matic – Attack Of The 50ft Drum Machine (Vaporub Mix)
  8. 8) D.O.P – Get Out On This Dancefloor
  9. 9) Sunscreem – Walk On (D-Cubed)
  10. 10) Ultra Nate – Deeper Love (Missing You) (Leftfield Vocal Mix)
  11. 11)     Finitribe – Ace Love Deuce (Justin Roberston Mix)
  12. 12) Offshore – I Can’t Take The Power (Riva Mix)

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