Ark Leeds Poly 28th Feb 1992

Date: 28th Feb 1992
Venue: Leeds Poly
DJs: Gary Norman?, Steve Williams, Zammo, Dave Seamen, Mark Holliday, Ark Leeds Poly Fri 28th Feb 1992 Front Ark Leeds Poly Fri 28th Feb 1992 backDJ Sy?
Mixes: Have Zammo
Ticket: £7/8
Pictures: These are likely from this night

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Zammo And Steve Williams Tracklist
DJ Zammo
1) Definition Of Sound – Moira Jane’s Cafe (E-Smoove’s Groovy Mix)
2) Cyclone – A Place Called Bliss (Last Thursday Mix) (Network)
3) Congress – Better Grooves (Inner Rhythm) “breakdown” male
4) Hysteria – Love Nature (Hysteria Mix) (New Music) “show me all your lovin yeah” (tom toms)
5) Daisy Dee – Pump It Up All The Way
6) Underground Posse – You’ve Got To (Going Back To Basics Vol) 2) samples doug lazy – let the rhythm pump
7) Alhambra – Alhambra
8) Northern Lights – One Too Many (samples the blapps posse, whitelines bassline)
9) The Project feat Linda Rice – Out Of Control (DJ International) Mix?
10) ??? “cut the mid range drop the bass” male/piano
11) Toxic 2 – Rave Generator (Remix/Sample?) “take control of your mind, body & soul” female
12) React 2 Rhythm – Whatever You Dream (The Light Mix) (Guerilla)
13) G7 – Seduced (Soma) “eeh ah tay, ooh ahh”
14) Nomad – Your Love is Lifting Me (poss FSOL remix)
15) ??? “ah yeah” muted trumpet / female scat
16) The Asylum – Down By The River (Bunk House Brawl Mix)(Hip Wreckin Records) KISSING
17) Voices Of 6th Avenue – Call Him Up (Stress) “call him” female / samples gypsy woman (briefly)
DJ Steve Williams
18) Rio Rhythm Band – Carnival Da Casa (Hooj 1)
19) Underground Resistance Featuring Yolanda – Living For The Night (Remix)
20) ??? inst
21) Techno Age – Movin On
22) Evolution – Metropolis (Sashas Cant Stop The Feeling Mix)
23) ??? minimal
24) Collapse – Your Love (Ambient Drops)
25) Cartouche – Feel The Groove
26) Ralphi Rosario feat Xavier Gold – You Used To Hold Me (accapella)
27) Elixir Vitae – Gotta Release It (has whip of the rhythm piano)
28) Restless Rockers – Restless “I get so restless”
29) Zoogie – Forever On
30) TC 1991 – Berry (Re-Fratty Re-Energy Version)
31) Eq-Lazer – The Heart Break (Female Version) (Groove Kissing)
32) House Beat Mechanics – Oooh So Nice (samples chime)
33) Double You – Please Don’t Go (Let’s Go Mix)
comment: also received this mix labelled – Gary Norman
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