Thunderdome Never Dies

With the Hardcore Never Dies film just released (in Holland) and Thunderdome 2023 just last weekend we thought it was worth sharing this excellent documentary from Thunderdome. Even if 180BPM is a bit quick for you, the passion for the scence, and how it translates to any scene still stand out. Not embeddable, click on… Continue reading Thunderdome Never Dies

Hardcore Will Never Die Film

hardcore will never die film. One for the gabba crew. #airmaxbw Out on Amazon Prime in Dec. We’ve written loads about gabba before More info on the film here And the mighty Thunderdome have a new trailer out

Utah Saints early TV interview

Utah Saints early TV interview with some great video from the Leeds Gallery We reckon the date is wrong and that they are talking about this Ark from the 13th Sep 1991, but we might be wrong.

Lost in Space 6th July 1989 Leeds Rave

Lost in Space 6th July 1989. Early event in Leeds, busted by the police. Check out a very young Tony Hannon from Up Yer Ronson in this. More Tony Hannan here We’ve got masses of rave content from Leeds on the site, including the Orbit, Basics and Ark.

Late 90s Ibiza – Clockwork Orange

Late 90s Ibiza – Clockwork Orange were one of the biggest events on the island. They are featured in this great 16 minute video form Clubavision. Found this while diving around on YouTube. Nice one as ever to the Clubavision crew. Clockwork Orange still going strong Pete Tong talking some great sense in this video.

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