Ark Leeds Uni 8th Oct 1994

ark-leeds-uni-8th-oct-1994-back ark-leeds-uni-8th-oct-1994-frontDate: Saturday Ark 8th Oct 1994
Venue: Leeds Uni Refectory
DJ’s: Carl Cox Sy Anne Savage Rob Tissera Ewan Cawood
PA: JX,  Dream Frequency
Note – Event dedicated to Jane Bridgwood who died in Ibiza summer 1994
Ticket: £14
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Ark Leeds Uni 8th Oct 1994 DJ Sy And Ewan Cawood Tracklist
1) Subliminal Cuts – Le Voie Le Soleil
2) Greed – Pump Up The Volume
3) Head Nodding Society – Head On
4) Taiko – Echo Drop (Hard Mix)
5) Lifeforce – Scatterbox
6) Jinx – Open Sesamee
7) Chapter 9 – Rollercoaster
8) Urban Cookie Collective – High On A Happy Vibe (Jonny L Sinus Mix)
9) Subliminal Cuts – Drumtrack Melody
10) ??? “come on and move, all i want is the bass yeah” female (slows down at 29)50)
11) ??? “everybody everybody one day” female (briefly)
12) Bit Machine – Somebody Real
13) Sourmash – Pilgramige To Paradise
14) Itchy & Scratchy – Come On
15) Rollo Goes Camping – Get Off Your High Horse (briefly)
DJ Ewan Cawood
1) Underground Sound Of Lisbon – So Get Up (Accapella)
2) Carpe Diem – Snakecharmer (Dave Valentine Mix)
3) Twangling – Three Fingers In A Box
4) 108 Grand – Tonight (6 Ft 6 Crunch Mix) acidy inst
5) The Keith Mac Project – Dee Da Da
6) Shades Of Rhythm – Chicken Flied Lice (Musical Freedom)
7) The 28th Street Crew – I Need A Rhythm (Alternative Dub) “all i need is a little” piano / samples adeva vocals
8) Forthright – How Sweet The Sound (Busted Mix)
9) Tocayo – Shake Your Body
10) Li Kwan – I Need A Man
11) Red Eye – Kut It (Hi-Lux Remix) “come on” male (vocal samples from sinnamon)
12) Baby D – Let Me be Your Fantasy (Dancing Divaz Club Mix)
Ark Leeds Uni 8th Oct 1994 DJ Rob Tissera And Anne Savage Tracklist
DJ Anne Savage
1) (00:00) Rob Dougan – Hard Times
2) (05:00) Sister Bliss – Cant Get A Man, Cant Get A Job (Lifes A Bitch)
3) (09:00) Luvspunge – Sexual Healing (Original Mix) “that sensual healing” female
4) (11:40) Jeanie Tracy – Do You Believe In The Wonder (Band Of Gypsies Mix) (Pulse-8)
5) (14:00) Rollo Goes Camping – Get Off Your High Horse “work that sucker to death” male
6) (19:00) D’Enrico – Everybody Party (Ouch!) “drum beats” male / spanish guitar
7) (21:50) Li Kwan – I Need A Man “come on, I cant wait no more”
8) (27:00) Key Aura – Hot Dog (Consolidated) “oh baby, love you” female
9) (30:20) 2 In A Room – El Trago (The Drink) (Bottom Dollar Club Mix)
10) (34:30) Balouga Boys – Hip Hop (Stress) stuttery female “rock the left turntable then switch to the right” male
11) (38:20) Donna Giles – And Im Telling You (Im Not Going) (Pride Mix) “your gonna love me”
12) (42:00) Hyper Go Go – Its Alright (Rampling’s ‘Full On’ Euro Remix)
13) (43:40) ? whailing male (briefly)
14) (44:40) Stereogen – Hold Me (Vinyl Addiction) “hold me me me” male
DJ Rob Tissera
1) (00:00) FPI Project – Rich In Paradise
2) (01:40) Ralphi Rosario feat Xavier Gold – You Used To Hold Me (accapella)
3) (03:30) Bump ‘N’ Grind – Karamba (Rob Tissera Remix) (Megadrive ep) “rock the house” calipso
4) (08:30) Robin S – Back It Up (Stone & Johnny Boys Club Mix) (Champion)
5) (12:00) Livin Joy – Dreamer (Original Club Mix)
6) (17:00) Movin Melodies Productions – P)A)R)T)Y (Remix) “p a r t y in the place to be” male
7) (22:40) The Centurions – Burn (Hed Boys Post-Op Mix) (Seka) “you got me burning up”
8) (25:30) 4 For Money – Its A Moment In Time
9) (30:00) ? male Acappella
10) (30:30) ASHA – JJ Tribute (Rob Tissera Meets Dream Frequency Mix)
11) (35:00) Baby D – Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Dancin Divaz Club Mix)
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