Ark Leeds Uni 18th Feb 1995

Date: 18th Feb 1995

Venue: Leeds Uni

Flyer: Ark Leeds Uni 18th Feb 1995 Front Ark Leeds Uni 18th Feb 1995 Back

DJs: Gayle Sans,  Slipmatt,  Ewan Cawood,  Anne Savage,  Rob Tissera?,  Sy, Vertigo

MC: Rush

PA: Dream Frequency

Mixes: Have Anne Savage,  Rob Tissera,  Sy

Notes: Last hardcore played at Ark, Slipmatt playing Happy hardcore set.  Gayle Sans only listed appearance and she didn’t show up

Ticket: £14



DJ Vertigo
1. BT – Embracing The Sunshine (Sasha’s Remix)
2. Secret Life – Love So Strong (Brothers In Rhythm Experience)
3. Secret Life – Love So Strong (Playboys DMC Dub) “I feel it, im feelin, and when were making love” male/hammond
4. Luvspunge – Didnt I Give You Love (Spiritual Records)
5. Mory Kante – Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor Remix)
6. Lisa Marie Experience – Do That To Me (Vocal Part 1)
7. Shades Of Love – Keep In Touch (Body 2 Body) (Junior Vasquez Ext Club) “all over my body I wanna feel your body all over my body” female
8. The Coming Out Crew – Free Gay & Happy (T-Empo’s Free At Last Mix) “I wanna be free” female

DJ Anne Savage
1. Inner City – Share My Life (Parks And Wilson LA Underground Mix)
2. BT – Embracing The Sunshine (Sasha’s Deeper Future Dub)
3. Art Of Noise – Yebo (The Trust Mix) “bom bom bom” male
4. Mory Kante – Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor Remix)
5. Chapter 9 – The Wall (DJ Sy tune)
6. UXB – Part 1 (sounds like bombscare)
7. ??? piano
8. Raze – Bass Power (accapella)
9. Circuit – Shelter Me (Pukka Mix)
10. Tyrrel Corporation – Better Days Ahead

DJ Sy Tracklist

1) Subliminal Cuts – Le Voie Le Soleil

2) Subculture – Our Love

3) Rhythm On The Loose – Break Of Dawn

4) Quivver – Twist And Shout

5) Escrima – Train Of Thought

6)UXB Part 1 – Bombscare (Graham Gold Remix)

7)Gradiva – To The Funk Beat

8) X-Static – Im Standing (Higher) (Itchy And Scratchy Remix)

9) Mrs Roy Side B (Samples Baby D) (Briefly)

10)Mrs Roy Side A (samples JX)

11) Ramjack – Let Me Hear Music

12) Lost The Plot EP – White Label

13) Chase – Take My Soul (Hi – NRG Cut)

13) Elevator – Shinny

14) Funk Patrol – I Can’t Wait

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Picture: Ark Leeds Uni 18th Feb 1995 Fire Alarm

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