In depth Happy hardcore article

from ID Mag – Originally written in 1995, just re-released.   Well worth a read – original post here . Also worth clcikign that link to see teh worst ever attempt at a happy hardcore playlist or Spotify. Obviously the 2016 intern that made it didn’t actually read the article.   Saturday Night at Club […]

1995 Documentary Northern Ireland

http://youtu.be/dM5TktcXdnk Brilliant, important documentary.Also read the comments underneath it. Featuring Dream Frequency and some great 94/95 house including Chapter 9 – Rollercoaster. Some really good footage from Kellys in Portrush amongst others.  By 94 the ravey house sound in this video was dying out in London, but really strong in the North, Ireland and Wales. […]

The Chemical Brothers in Mixmag December 1995

Mixmag | DECEMBER 1995: YEAR OF THE BEATS. Words: Andy Pemberton Originally published in Mixmag December 1995 Chicago. At least that was the view you glimpsed from the hotel window earlier this afternoon. Middle of a five-week tour and now you’re in post gig limbo. It’s something unspeakable in the AM, and you’re too wired […]

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