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Carter 1993 Interview

Original Post here Deadline | Feature | October 1993 CARTER USM THE UNSTOPPABLE TEAM deadlinecarter1 “You wouldn’t happen to have any champers, would you?” asks the man in the doorway, his bushy eyebrows jiggling up and down in excited expectation. They look like epileptic caterpillars. Jim Bob and Fruitbat make no attempt to reply. […]

The Shamen Boss Drum

Original Post here – Melody Maker | Album | 12 September 1992 THE SHAMEN BOSS DRUM – One Little Indian Records There are times when I can’t help thinking this is the biggest pile of shite I’ve ever heard in my life. There are also times when I’m of almost the opposite opinion. Confused? Man, you […]

The Frank and Walters

Original post here Melody Maker | Feature | 9 January 1993 | Photos: Stephen Sweet THE FRANK AND WALTERS MAKING A SPLASH “Wow! Will you look at that now? Isn’t that just crazy?” Ashley Keating, The Frank And Walters’ ever-smiling drummer, points at the flamingos hovering above the palm trees. He wipes his brow […]

Flowered Up in Melody Maker

Melody Maker | Feature | 18 April 1992 | Photo: Tom Sheehan FLOWERED UP CROCUS POCUS Trust Flowered Up to come up with the name “Debauchery” for the unofficial launch party for their new single, “Weekender”. And trust them to take over a huge private house in a swanky London suburb rather than hire a […]

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