1992 hardcore

The Wire 300: Simon Reynolds on the Hardcore Continuum #1: Hardcore Rave (1992) 1992 hardcore – original post here – https://www.thewire.co.uk/in-writing/essays/the-wire-300_simon-reynolds-on-the-hardcore-continuum_1_hardcore-rave_1992_ Written by the man behind Energy Flash – which you should definitely get a copy of  Originally published as “Technical Ecstasy” in The Wire #105 November 1992. 1992 Hardcore Article “See my face, not a […]

The roughest hardest nastiest playlist ever?

Who The Fuck Are You? Bass Inc Cock Sucker Bloody Fist Cunt Face Bloody Fist Ya Mutha D.O.A. Suicide Squad Da Killer Wanna Be A Gangsta Discipled of Annihilation Jiiieehaaah Diss Reaction What The Fuck! (Scott Brown Mix) DJ E-Rick And Tactic I Wanna Be a Gabber Baby DJ Isaac The Blood Of An English […]

Were the 90’s better?

Yes. They were.  These are the singles from a single issue of Select in magazine May 1992.  Loads more scans from Select here – http://selectmagazinescans.monkeon.co.uk/?cat=675 See our previous post here about Select mag, it was never really a dance mag, but sometimes it covered certain artists Here are the tunes being reviewed

Smart E’s, Kniteforce and Luna-C

We’ve been reading DJ Luna-C’s book How To Squander Your Potential recently.  You should buy it, available here as an e-book (the print version currently out of stock). It’s a brilliant read, not just on the rise and fall of the band, but on the whole changes within the scene over 20 years.  Plus its […]

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