Recommended Reading

There have been loads of books written about dance music

These are some of the best, in no particular order.  We’ll be adding more to this as time goes on

  • What Kind of House Party is This? – Expensive and hard to get hold of this club and rave photography book. Classic images taken by someone who obviously understands the scene. It’s a massive book, but worth getting copy. Currently £36 on Amazon!


  • Hi-Flyers – Interesting selection of flyers from 88 to around 94. Some famous ones in there










  •  Once In a Lifetime Jane Bussman – Mainly centred on 88 to 90 acid house and the M25 raves. Loads of excellent stories of the madness at the time. She is now a recognised author of proper sensible books












  • Wayne Anthony Class of 88 – The original orignals now change hands for about £60. Rereleased several times, this is an amazing true account of what it was like to be a big orbital party organiser in 1989 and 1990. Supposedly becoming a film, there is a Class of 88 website 










  • Terry Turbo King of Clubs– Accounts fro the darker side of the rave experience, still an excellent read though
  • All Crews Mus Big Up – Now rereleased as just All Crews this is the book on jungle and d and b. In places written a bit strangely, and definitely laid out strangely, it doesn’t matter as this book truly feels like part of th scene it represents.
























  • Superstar DJ’s Here We Go – Excellent book charting the excesses of the Jeremy Healy era. If you want to know what late 90’s super clubbing was like, this is the book for you. This charts the rise and fall of the superstar Dj.  From the time when Fatboy Slim, Jeremy Healy and Sasha ruled the roost. Dom Philips is well known from his time on Mixmag, and this is really well written. Highly recommended whether you were there, or wanted to know what it was like. Back to basics, Up Yer Ronson, Cream, Gatechrasher, Wobble? Then you’ll recognise the timeframe



















































  • Boy’s Own”, the Complete Fanzines 1986-92: Acid House Scrapes and Capers -Every issue of the Boys Own fanzines in one handy hardback. Its interesting to chart the rise and fall of acid through the eyes of Boys Own, but after a while the superior tone begins to grate. (We weren’t all on the dance floor at Shoom, or at Full Circle) There was a soundtrack released featuring some classic Junior Boys Owntracks. Currently on Amazon for £150

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