I Bought the Brixton Academy for £1 | VICE United Kingdom

I Bought the Brixton Academy for £1 | VICE United Kingdom.


We love the Brixton Academy, so many good nights there, this article, and the book (and even film) might be worth a look.


Smart E’s, Kniteforce and Luna-C

Kniteforce logoWe’ve been reading DJ Luna-C’s book How To Squander Your Potential recently.  You should buy it, available here as an e-book (the print version currently out of stock). It’s a brilliant read, not just on the rise and fall of the band, but on the whole changes within the scene over 20 years.  Plus its very funny, and in the unique Luna-C style. These are some of the tracks mentioned in the book.

Sesame’s Treet- 250,000 copies sold!!!