Just about every DJ mix from Leeds, ever.

Updated with these new sets – 2019 The Orbit Leeds 16th Oct 1993 DJ Westbam The Orbit Leeds 22nd May 1994 DJ Dave Angel And Colin Faver The Orbit Morley Leeds 20th Oct 2001 DJ James Ruskin Versus Luke Slater The Orbit 5th Birthday 25th May 1996 Morley Leeds DJ Jeff Mills The Orbit Leeds […]

Ark Recordings Complete Discography

Complete discography of Ark Recordings. Only 4 tunes, but each one an immense hands in the breakbeat house stormer. Read more about the Ark events Flipped Out Everybody Is Somebody ‎(12″) ARK 004 1993 Flipped Out Basstab / Love Bomb ‎(12″) ARK 02119203 1992 L-Dopa Better Daze ‎(12″) ARK 12099201 1992 P.P. Orange My […]

The Worst Mix of all time?

This might be the worse set of all time, and we normally like Loftgroover full on gabba. The first half is rubbish hard trance/gabba and we only recognise the 2nd track – Bass X – Hardcore Creators, then at 32 mins he swaps to boring garage. its hard to believe anyone likes this tape.  must […]

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