The Worst Mix of all time?

This might be the worse set of all time, and we normally like Loftgroover full on gabba. The first half is rubbish hard trance/gabba and we only recognise the 2nd track – Bass X – Hardcore Creators, then at 32 mins he swaps to boring garage. its hard to believe anyone likes this tape.  must […]

Mixmag April 1994 – Is Jungle Too Ruff?

Mixmag | APRIL 1994 – IS JUNGLE TOO RUFF?. This article is now 20 years old. It’s an argument that wasn’t solved then, and hasn’t been since. Words: Jane Headon Photos from Jungle Fever: Donovan Published in Mixmag April 1994 With the precision of a wire cutter, jungle music has divided the rave scene down […]


Mixmag | FEBRUARY 1994: PIRATES ON PARADE. From the Archives FEBRUARY 1994: PIRATES ON PARADE Words: Jane Headon Published in Mixmag February 1994 It’s about freedom of choice. You want hardcore all day? There’s Pulse or Format. You want solid soulful garage? Here’s Rhythm FM. You want full-on ambient and dripping tap noises from midnight […]

Westbam Wizards of the Sonic – Things We Didn’t Know

That “The main sample in Westbam Wizards of the Sonic is a re-worked version of the theme taken from the Dr Robotnic fight scenes on Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the SEGA Mega Drive” https://youtu.be/rYfc-pu79RI Massive massive tune.  Released hundreds of times.  Link to the original on Discogs Here his another major anthem – One […]

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