Month: September 2011

Ths Shamen on Kiss FM Just found this link on the Excellent Acid House blog It reminds 88to98 of attending Synergy Live at the Camden T and C back in 91. We even bought a moody t shirt outside. This was before The Shamen hit the big time, when they were still pretty credible, and one of the […]

Some Orbit Sets to Download

Nice one to Karl for sending these in. Grab them while you can. Bang bang bang (DJ SURGEON) – Live at THE ORBIT- Morley Leeds – Mid 1997-.mp3 (106.85 MB) Juan_Atkins___Ark_Leeds__15[1].05.1993_-mmassimo-.MP3 (58.45 MB) Richie_Hawtin_Live_at_The_Orbit_Leeds_11-1992_part2.mp3 (36.86 MB) Richie_Hawtin_Live_at_The_Orbit_Leeds_11-1992_part1.mp3 (41.51 MB) Richie_Hawtin – 1998-10-31- Live at The Orbit Leeds Artifakts Tour.mp3 (133.92 MB) […]

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