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Strictly Underground Wembley New Years Eve 1994/95

We were at this.  100% Happy Hardcore.  Yeah right………  Was 95% jungle all night.  Then don’t even mention the cloakroom fiasco at the end,,,,

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SNL’s superstar DJs parody

VIDEO: SNL’s superstar DJs parody — wish it was you? – DJWORX.

From the excellent DJWork website, this is spot on about all that is wrong with EDM

So the drop in the video is nasty, but its no patch on the best drop ever TM

Armin Van Buuren Jesus Pose Body Language

The best drop ever

We’ll go into our problems with Ravealation in another post. However this is just a brilliant drop

The tune is J and L – Midnight on Strictly Underground records. DJ Is Mark Ryder, boss of SU. WE think this is Easter 1995, it’s definitely Wembley Conference Centre.

He’d already played a mellow version of this tune earlier. The drop on this version is nails

Watch from 10 mins in on this video

and the watch the drop from the start of this one