Rave studies at University

Dance Cult

Well sort of. There’s lots of blog content abotu raving, we’ve been doign that since 2000 something. There are loads of books about raving but not that much proper university level, research. Sure there are always people asking for help with their A Level/degree paper on some aspect of club culture, but actual ethnographic anthropologic research is less.

So if you are feeling clever head over to Dance Cult

Full archive here – https://dj.dancecult.net/index.php/dancecult/issue/archive

Sample articles include:

How To Cure a Gabba

The gabber engaged in hakken footwork will wreck the floor hampered by breaks, maintaining balance by establishing a schizo-motor state, as if taken by a sudden epileptic seizure. Eventually, after this necessary exercise, the detoxified gabba will enjoy black Africa and broken beats!


“Chase Sound Boys Out of Earth”: The Aura of Dubplate Specials in Finnish Reggae Sound System Culture

Alone, Asian and Female: The Unspoken Challenges of Conducting Fieldwork in Dance Settings – (everyone’s battered?)

“Clubs aren’t like that”: Discos, Deviance and Diegetics in Club Culture Cinema


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