Subliminal Cuts – Le Voie le Soleil

Subliminal Cuts - Le Voie le Soleil

Massive piano heaven from 1994 on XL records (although originally released on Volume records in 1993),and re-released in 1996.

Bit of a pain to mix due top the long intro, this destroyed dance floors. Was played pretty consistently during this period by DJs across the North and further afield.  Simple but effective like a lot of he best dance tunes.  What category should this be in? Underground house, commercial house, crossover or something else?  Does it matter?

Subliminal Cuts also released the mighty “The Dance” as well as “Drumtrack Melody”. All of which came to make a pretty impressive EP on Tribal Records. We heard American DJs play Drumtrack Melody an its remixes in house sets as places like Back To Basics. We also heard DJs like Rob Tissera play it at the Ark. Not something that happened a great deal. Quality production as you’d expect from Tribal records. All of these are well worth a spin at any time.

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