Day: February 22, 2019

What Really Happened To Acid House?

What Really Happened To Acid House? | Thump.   What Really Happened To Acid House?   The Trip, 1988 Acid house was Britain’s biggest youth revolution since the 60s, and its legacy has changed the country’s cultural landscape forever. A quarter of a century on, its impact can be felt in everything from fashion to film, to […]

Basics Discography

Original post here Music Factory Years 91-94 part one by ralphlawson Marshall Jefferson presents Truth – Open Your Eyes I decided to start this series of mixes celebrating 20 years of Back to Basics with the first ever record played at the club – Marshall Jefferson presents Truth – ‘Open Your Eyes’. Why did I chose […]

More Dream FM Leeds

Original post here Feature: Radio Mentals WHILE Richard Curtis probably isn’t someone you would turn to for stark social realism, the story of pirate radio deserves a slightly more serious appraisal than that found in his latest happy-go-lucky comedy, The Boat That Rocked. Curtis’s Sixties-set tale of high-jinks on the high seas has received mixed […]

Dream Fm Leeds

Original post here EVERYONE in the world seemed to be at it. Going out, getting on it, getting out of it, getting wasted, leathered, trollied, mullahed, munted, fucked. Staying up all night at raves, clubs, blues, parties, dancing our hearts out, like nobody was watching. Like our lives depended on it. A generation of […]

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