The Ultimate Guide to Old Skool Rave at Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury 2016 Full Line UpIt’s back to the old skool more than ever this year at Glastonbury 2016.  Most of the DJs listed should be playing old skool house, acid or hardcore, but beware of some of them playing nu skool breaks or modernised versions of classics.  There is also always loads of jungle at Glastonbury, we won’t list all of that here as it is blasting out of many shops,bars and venues across the site.

In previous years the 88to98 team have seen 2 Bad Mice, Nicky Blackmarket, Jerome Hill,  Fast Eddie, Hyper On Experience and Mark Archer (Altern-8) amongst others. 2016 has a bumper crop of rave veterans playing, although we can’t guarantee that Carl Cox will play a set similar to the legendary Fantazia at the SECC for Nov 93……

Some of your old skool highlights include: See you down the front

Thur 1830-1900 Spaceport Dave Beer Back To Basics Legend
Thur 1900-2100 Spaceport Ralph Lawson Back To Basics Resident
Thur 2130-2300 London Underground Nicky Blackmarket – Played 92-97 last year.
Thur 2200-2300 Salon Carousel Mark XTC
Fri 1900-2030 Arcadia Shades Of Rhythm – Do they need an introduction?
Fri 0005-0130 Arcadia Carl Cox
Fri 0130-0250 Glade Dave Seamen – May well be up to date tunes from one fo the Brothers in Rhythm
Fri 0150-0300 Arcadia Eats Everything And Ellis Dee – Might be worth checking otu to see what Ellis plays
Fri 0200-0300 Greenpeace Andy Carroll – We think this is the Liverpool veteran

Sat 2125-0025 Glade Carl Cox

Sat 2230-0300 Arcadia Shy Fx, Andy C, Hype – Rewinds aplenty
Sat 0000-0100 Bez’s Flying Bus Mike Pickering – Anythign in Bez’s venue will invoke the spirit of the Hacienda
Sat 0100-0200 Bez’s Flying Bus 808 State – In Yer Face (hopefully)
Sat 0130-0230 Temple Aphrodite – Elastic basslines and tearing Jeffrey and Bungle
Sat 0130-0300 Genosys Joey Beltram – Has started every set we have ever seen of his with Energy Flash and Mentasm. Fingers crossed
Sat 0145-0300 Glade Lounge Dave Seamen
Sat 0200-0400 Bez’s Flying Bus Carl Cox – Your best bet for soem Coxy old skool, more likley to be 88-90 than hardcore though
Sat 0430-0600 Cave Jerome Hill – Played an incredible vinyl 88-90 set last year. Including playing some 7 inches!!

Sun 1200-1245 Glade Davos – This is a must. One fo the nicest guys around, you will remember him from this YouTube clip. The last 2 years have been epic Sudnay morning hangover clearign sessions.  Don’t miss it.

Sun 0000-0100 Wow! Slipmatt – Acid, Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Nu Skool breaks, hard House? – He’s been there and played them all so no point second guessing what he is going to play.

Sun 0300-0400 Salon Carousel Producer – Brace yourselves. This will be banging techno only for the headstrong Glastonbury nutbags.
Sun 0400-0500 Cave Vinyljunkie – Hopefully closing the festival with some 92 hardcore.
So there you go, of you make it to all of them, you will have effectively travelled back in time to the early 90’s, and we salute you.


The Ultimate Guide to Old Skool Rave at Glastonbury Festival

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