BBC Mastermind Ibiza special edition

John Humphrys is to host an Ibiza-themed Mastermind special in a tie-up with BBC Radio 1 to support the 20th anniversary of its music weekend on the Balearic island.


Your starters for 10

1) What time did the Star Bar used to open?

2) What time did it close?

3) How much is a pint in Amnesia?

4) What speed will a taxi do between San An and Ibiza Town?

5) What happened to Derek Dehlarge?

6) Manumssion – shit or not?

7) WTF have they done to the “sunset strip”?

8) Was it better in 88, or 98, or 2008?

9) What was that lass in Kaos called again?

10) Did you ever go into Extasis?

BBC Mastermind Ibiza special edition

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