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The Greatest mix of all time?

Ark And Universe Leeds Uni 25th June 1994

Ark And Universe Leeds Uni 25th June 1994

Probably not, but in the eyes (ears?) of 88to98 anyway, incredibly this mix by Jon of the Pleased Wimmin must be pretty close.

Here is some of it

25th June 1994 Ark Leeds University

House was massive at this point, with the rave scene split between happy hardcore and jungle, many people had moved to house.  This mix is the example of the sound before superclubs went overground in 1995. Tough, fast, uplifting with massive breaks this just does it on all levels.   Jon Pleased Wimmin was known for the more commercial cheesy side of things, but there is none of that here, even though some of the tunes went on to be massive anthems.

If you want to hear it drop us a PM.

It says Ark and Universe, this was the Universe based in Bradford, not the Universe responsible for Pleasure Planet, Big Love etc


Jon Pleased Wimmin Ark and Universe 25th June 1994

Here it is as Requested, and here discussed   Incredible mix.  Enjoy.

Part 1

Part 2