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The History Of The Gallery Leeds

File:Gallery night club leeds.JPG – Wikimedia Commons. LEEDS GALLERY NIGHT CLUB HISTORY As far as I know, there are no books that give any history of the club. There are a few publications that featured it, like the Evening post, and Mixmag. There’s also a book called ‘what kind of house party is this’ that […]

Ali Cooke – Back To Basics

ralphlawson – Blog Head over to Ralphs blog to read loads more about Back To Basics and Leeds clubbing I first met Ali Cooke in Kik Flip Records in Leeds.  The record shop was below a clothes store called Buffalo which was the first shop in Leeds to sell Stussy clothing.  The walls were personally […]

ralphlawson – Blog – Ralph Lawson’s Best of Basics 1991-2001

Ralph Lawson’s Best of Basics 1991-2001 Monday, November 21, 2011 at 04:43PM 280 West – Scattered Dreams 33 1/3 Queen – Searching 51 Days – Paper Moon 4th Measure Men – 4 You Adonis – No way back Adonis – Lost In The Sound Alan Braxe and Fred Falk – Running Angel Moraes – The […]

20 years Ago today Thank you for the music

Original post here Thank you for the music – The Acid Grandads. We have written about Back to Basics before, Leeds. April 1993. Kind of poignant given that co-founder and DJ Ali Cooke, along with Ralph Lawson’s girlfriend, Jos Higgin, died in a car accident 20 years ago today. via 20 years Ago today Thank […]

ralphlawson – Blog – Live and direct from back to basics – 20 year party people

  ralphlawson – Blog – Live and direct from back to basics – 20 year party people. Legendary Back to Basics DJ supplies a mix from the first (!!!) 20 years of Back To Basics the Leeds institution. Quality

Salt City Orchestra – The Book

Original post – As they say over at this was a real favourite at Back to Basics Leeds. One lyric over and over – “I write the book” [youtube]

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