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Rotterdam Termination Source – Merry X-mess Merry Christmas to all of you

Rotterdam Termination Source – Merry X-mess This never goes out of style.  Rotterdam Termination Source – Merry X-mess. A Christmas message for all of you. Yes, we do repost this every Christmas day.  Merry f@cking Christmas and have a f@cked up New Year. More Dutch style madness Full Discogs details here

Basics Discography

Original post here http://www.ralphlawson.co.uk/blog/category/basics-20?currentPage=4he Music Factory Years 91-94 part one by ralphlawson Marshall Jefferson presents Truth – Open Your Eyes I decided to start this series of mixes celebrating 20 years of Back to Basics with the first ever record played at the club – Marshall Jefferson presents Truth – ‘Open Your Eyes’. Why did I chose […]

1992 hardcore

The Wire 300: Simon Reynolds on the Hardcore Continuum #1: Hardcore Rave (1992) 1992 hardcore – original post here – https://www.thewire.co.uk/in-writing/essays/the-wire-300_simon-reynolds-on-the-hardcore-continuum_1_hardcore-rave_1992_ Written by the man behind Energy Flash – which you should definitely get a copy of  Originally published as “Technical Ecstasy” in The Wire #105 November 1992. 1992 Hardcore Article “See my face, not a […]

Scottish Techno

Original Post here https://i-d.vice.com/en_gb/article/raveheart-inside-the-90s-world-of-tartan-techno “I just died in your arms tonight…” Midnight on Friday at Tek 2000 in Hamilton. The vintage rock strains of Cutting Crew are speeding, pitched-up and condensed over distorted 180 bpm kick drum. A hefty MC in saggy grey tracksuit and baseball cap lumbers about the stage offering a barely discernible stream […]

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