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Love this – Wonder what they are doing now

Original Post – http://history-is-made-at-night.blogspot.com/2018/08/motorway-madness-ravers-take-over.html Motorway Madness: ‘ravers take over motorway services’ (i-D, 1991) Great article from i-D magazine, no. 91, April 1991 about post-club gatherings at Motorway service stations (click on images to enlarge): ‘3 AM, Saturday morning. The M6 is windy, wet and desolate. Its rvice stations offer comfort only to lorry drivers and […]

In depth Happy hardcore article

from ID Mag – Originally written in 1995, just re-released.   Well worth a read – original post here . Also worth clcikign that link to see teh worst ever attempt at a happy hardcore playlist or Spotify. Obviously the 2016 intern that made it didn’t actually read the article.   Saturday Night at Club […]

Moby on his first Top Of The Pops

‘I jumped around, banged on my keyboard and yelled Go’: Moby on his first Top Of The Pops In an extract from his new memoir, the musician and DJ recalls his first visit to London: dowdy B&Bs, deserted streets and performing with his heroes From the Guardian – https://www.theguardian.com/music/2016/may/21/jumped-around-banged-keyboard-yelled-go-moby-first-totp Moby in the UK in the […]

the story of the UK’s biggest rave anthems

Apart from the bit about Ripgroove – Rave anthem????? Together acts such as Baby D and A Guy Called Gerald created tracks that defined a scene and a generation. But what happened to them after the party ended? Source: From Voodoo Ray to Infinity and beyond – the story of the UK’s biggest rave anthems […]

Happy Hardcore – Gettin props’

Original article here – http://daily.redbullmusicacademy.com/2015/08/happy-hardcore-feature Happy hardcore was one of the first distinctly UK music styles to come out of the UK rave scene, and it helped to elevate much of rave culture’s most identifying features, from the costumes to the CG-heavy flyers. Despite its central role in birthing the culture, however, it doesn’t receive […]

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