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Vice in not snide happy hardcore article shock

Vice in not snide happy hardcore article shock, we were amazed to find that Vice had actually done some research and not got it all mixed up again. “The genre has its roots in the early-90s rave explosion and that scene’s breakbeat hardcore sound, which fuelled countless illegal parties off Britain’s A-roads. As rave came of age, it fragmented […]

The Orb Q and A

Original Post here http://www.pushstuff.co.uk/mminfofreakos/orb091093.html THE ORB SECRET SUPPLIES I would like to learn more about The Orb’s samples. I know that the girl’s voice on “Little Fluffy Clouds” is Kim Basinger and the conversation at the start of “Towers Of Dub” is Victor Lewis-Smith, but I’m told there are loads of other hidden and obscure […]

S’Express and Mark Moore

Melody Maker | Sidelines | 2 April 1988 Original Post here – http://www.pushstuff.co.uk/mmfeatures/sexpress020488.html S’EXPRESS FULL THEME AHEAD Do you ever get to see daylight, Mark? “Sure. Every morning. Just before I collapse into bed.” Mark Moore is a professional nightclubber. As a DJ at London venues like The Mud Club, Heaven, The Wag, The Fridge […]


Original post. He’s wrong obviously. Mixmag | UNACCEPTABLE IN THE NINETIES. With the retooling of 90s-style house and garage by the likes of Disclosure, a 90s fashion comeback and a renaissance of 90s legends like MK, Sasha, Masters At Work and EZ, you might be forgiven that the decade before the millenium was the UK’s […]

Up Yer Ronson Tony Hanon

http://www.mixmag.net/words/from-the-archives/classic-features/april-1993—king-of-clubs Words: Adriana Hamacher Photos: Mark McNulty Published in Mixmag April 1993 It’s April 1993 and in clubland two names are standing out brighter and louder than any others. While others are scrabbling to survive the recession, two club runners are caning it. Sean McClusky has Merry England and Love Ranch in London and Tony […]

What Really Happened To Acid House?

What Really Happened To Acid House? | Thump.   What Really Happened To Acid House?   The Trip, 1988 Acid house was Britain’s biggest youth revolution since the 60s, and its legacy has changed the country’s cultural landscape forever. A quarter of a century on, its impact can be felt in everything from fashion to film, to […]

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