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BPM Dance Music Show First episode 1992 Angel Burnley

BPM Dance Music Show First episode 1992 Angel Burnley We’ve featured BPM on 88to98.co.uk before and here at the Ark. Here is the long lost BPM Dance Music Show First episode from ITV in 1992 But this is the very first ever episode recorded at the mighty Angels in Burnley Some great crowd shots in […]

Late 90s Ibiza – Clockwork Orange

Late 90s Ibiza – Clockwork Orange were one of the biggest events on the island. They are featured in this great 16 minute video form Clubavision. Found this while diving around on YouTube. Nice one as ever to the Clubavision crew. Clockwork Orange still going strong Pete Tong talking some great sense in this video.

Dream FM Leeds The beginning

http://undeleted.wordpress.com/2008/02/09/hip-replacement-trip-ii-the-moon-by-acen-production-house/ and more here too Dream FM | expletive undeleted. TUHIN, recruitment consultant, major-league caner, and my then girlfriend’s ecstasy pal, drove us to the gig, as he often did, with his three year old contact lenses burning their way through his eyeballs – so that’s probably why we got there fashionably late. I may […]

More Dream FM Leeds

Original post here http://undeleted.wordpress.com/2009/06/20/feature-radio-mentals/ Feature: Radio Mentals WHILE Richard Curtis probably isn’t someone you would turn to for stark social realism, the story of pirate radio deserves a slightly more serious appraisal than that found in his latest happy-go-lucky comedy, The Boat That Rocked. Curtis’s Sixties-set tale of high-jinks on the high seas has received mixed […]

Dream Fm Leeds

Original post here http://undeleted.wordpress.com/2011/01/02/hip-replacement-requiem-change-by-killing-joke-eg-virgin-records/ EVERYONE in the world seemed to be at it. Going out, getting on it, getting out of it, getting wasted, leathered, trollied, mullahed, munted, fucked. Staying up all night at raves, clubs, blues, parties, dancing our hearts out, like nobody was watching. Like our lives depended on it. A generation of […]

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