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Wonder what they are doing now?


Some good photos in there.  Note in the Astoria one you can just see a listing for the mighty PWEI in the background.




Utah Saints -New Gold Dream – Leeds Town Country Club 21st Aug 1993

Utah Saints (Feat. Andrew Eldritch) – New Gold Dream – Leeds Town & Country Club 21 Aug 1993

We love the Utah Saints, and we love Leeds.  We didn;t even know about this gig until recently. Here is a nasty quality rip of New Gold Dream from the Utah’s 1st album

And the ticket from the gig

250px-930821_ticketThis was a benefit event for the Homeless Off The Street Fund , where Eldritch appeared as guest singer with the Utah Saints A good way into their set, he entered the stage and they did Gimme Shelter together.




And the Utahs setlist, whicas recorded apparently, if anyoen has a copy please get in contact







Dego 4 hero – Simon Reynolds view

Energy Flash: hardcore 4 Heroes ( # 1 of 1).


Worth linking to this, as ever Simon Reynolds is spot on


“Some of the tracks are well crafted, yes. But for the most part, those records are cringey to me – I cringe. I hear all the mistakes. I hear mistakes all over the place….”

No, no, no... I beg to differ, Dego, I must beg to differ…