Leeds Love Parade 2000

We were at the Leeds Love Parade
It was a strange day, we couldn’t really get into it, the weather didn’t help. It was obviously a bit of history (250k people) but we couldn’t even make it down to where the floats were as you would never have seen your mates again. After about 4 hours we realised the bloke dancing in front of us was someone we hadn’t seen for 4 years which was a bit of a coincidence.
After the event at Roundhay Park finished we headed to Majestyk, where Timo Maas, David Morales and Pete Tong were playing. Again it wasn’t great, the crowd contained quite a few people who were there just because it was on Radio 1, but it was the music that was the problem really. Listening to the Essential Mix again now, the music was very tribal, dark and basically dull. What a missed opportunity as some some proper old skool tunes would have taken the roof off.
Anyway, we were glad we went, as the event was never repeated, and apart from Fatboy Slim on the beach in Brighton was the biggest ever UK dance music crowd, in fact it must have been one of the biggest ever UK crowds for anything!!!

One the the tunes that did rock that day –

Sasha and Darren Emerson – Scorchio

Leeds Love Parade 2000

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