Month: March 2019

Dream FM Leeds The beginning and more here too Dream FM | expletive undeleted. TUHIN, recruitment consultant, major-league caner, and my then girlfriend’s ecstasy pal, drove us to the gig, as he often did, with his three year old contact lenses burning their way through his eyeballs – so that’s probably why we got there fashionably late. I may […]

The Orb Q and A

Original Post here THE ORB SECRET SUPPLIES I would like to learn more about The Orb’s samples. I know that the girl’s voice on “Little Fluffy Clouds” is Kim Basinger and the conversation at the start of “Towers Of Dub” is Victor Lewis-Smith, but I’m told there are loads of other hidden and obscure […]

Hardcore Leeds

Original post here – IT WAS a long, sultry summer evening in Leeds, the kind of perfect night that just seems to go on forever until you blink and suddenly it’s midday. Nicki’s mum was having a party in the back garden of her house on Spencer Place. All manner of mad-heads, oddballs, students, […]

S’Express and Mark Moore

Melody Maker | Sidelines | 2 April 1988 Original Post here – S’EXPRESS FULL THEME AHEAD Do you ever get to see daylight, Mark? “Sure. Every morning. Just before I collapse into bed.” Mark Moore is a professional nightclubber. As a DJ at London venues like The Mud Club, Heaven, The Wag, The Fridge […]

Love Decade

Original post here [This piece originally appeared in The Big Issue in the North in July 2000] IT WASN’T so unusual that someone threw a party in Gildersome, just south of Leeds, 10 years ago. What was unusual was the fact that 836 people were arrested for attending it. The party wasn’t for anyone’s […]

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