30 Things you Didn’t Know Until you Started Raving

  1. The music style that’s playing at the first club you go to will be your passion for the rest of your life. So don’t go to an R and B club first. 
  2. Having an airhorn outside a rave is stupid. 3 hours later inside and YOU ARE THE MAN!!!
  3. At some stage you will buy a set of decks or a controller, and probably 100’s of tunes.  This will cost you a fortune, and eventually you will lend them to someone and never see them again.
  4. The first DJ who smiles at you, shakes your hand or poses for a photo with you will be the person you follow around the UK for the next 2 years
  5. You’ll go a bit deaf
  6. You will have the time of your life. It’s all downhill from there
  7. For no apparent reason you will slowly over the course of a few years stop going clubbing and raving.   It will then take you a further few years to realise this was a massive mistake.
  8. You’ll then have a second coming a few years later, but deep down you know it will never be as good.  
  9. You should never stay in on a Friday or Saturday night.
  10. You need to travel. Missions make the experience better. Night out in Newcastle on a Wednesday?  Sign me up.
  11. For each 10/10 night, there will be a 1/10.
  12. For each 8/10 night there will be 5 6/10’s
  13. Lounge house, mellow house etc is background music, and only suitable for bars, nothing else. 
  14. You may like the latest deep house 99% of the time, but come 4am you’ll be the one shouting “harder, faster!!”
  15. Old skool hardcore always sounds brilliant when you are at a club or rave
  16. You now know that your music is better than everyone else’s ever.
  17. Listening to a mix from a night you were at on the tube or bus, gives you the Power of Ra. You are invincible, everyone you can see are mere mortals. You are better than them. 
  18. Your favourite club was always better before you started going to it. 
  19. If talking to a a first timer, your favourite club was always better last week.
  20. Getting a shout out on pirate radio makes you feel 10 feet tall. 
  21. At some stage you will see yourself on a video from a club night. You can’t prepare for this moment. It could go either way.  You could be like an angel dancing on clouds, or like a turbo nutter skidding around on ice.  You cannot influence this.  Go with it.
  22. At some stage you will be able to hear yourself screaming “oooh-ooooh” in the background of a live mix you have got hold of of a night you were at. The chances of this happening are multiplied by 50% if the night is live on the radio.   Be thankful you aren’t screaming out “I wish my Mum was here”
  23. The urge to climb things, speaker stacks, on the bar, other people, can be overwhelming. Embrace it. Being higher is always better.  You are the King of the Club People if you are higher than the rest of them
  24. Getting a coach to an event can be better than the event itself.  Getting a coach back is the lowest point you can ever reach.
  25. Make sure you know how you are getting home.  Trading estates at 6am are fun for 10 minutes tops.
  26. Don’t believe people who say New Years Eve is always rubbish. They aren’t trying hard enough. 
  27. After parties can turn in the blink of an eye. Beware the witching hour.
  28. Never sell your records.  You’ll spend the next 10 years trying to remember what you had and paying over the odds to buy them back again.
  29. Beware a club that is open until 8am. 6am is late enough.  5am is normally the last fun, after that you are chasing it. 
  30. Service stations are always fun. 
30 Things you Didn’t Know Until you Started Raving

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