Year: 2019

Rotterdam Termination Source – Merry X-mess Merry Christmas to all of you

Rotterdam Termination Source – Merry X-mess This never goes out of style.  Rotterdam Termination Source – Merry X-mess. A Christmas message for all of you. Yes, we do repost this every Christmas day.  Merry f@cking Christmas and have a f@cked up New Year. More Dutch style madness Full Discogs details here

Rave Tape Packs

nice piece here – “How important were tape packs?” DJ SS repeats the question, searching for the right words. “Tape packs were pivotal. A thousand percent. They were the pivotal part of the industry for spreading our music.” The packs SS, AKA Scratchenstein, AKA Leroy Small, refers to were the conduit of ’90s UK […]

Unseen Prodigy Live PA from 1992

The best quality Prodigy live footage we have ever seen. This is from the Tunes 2 event in Liverpool in Jan 1992 Rip Keith Flint Absolute peak time hardcore 01:05 Android (’92 Live Jam) 02:43 Everybody In The Place (Fairground Remix) 05:45 Music Reach (1/2/3/4) (Beta) 09:26 Your Love (The Original Excursion) 14:21 Unknown Track […]

Life at Bowlers Manchester mixes

These are the sets from Life at Bowlers Manchester that we have Happy to trade for any that we don’t have Asylum Bowlers  1st Birthday 28th June 1997  Break Asylum Bowlers  1st Birthday 28th June 1997  Brisk Asylum Bowlers  1st Birthday 28th June 1997  E-Logic Asylum Bowlers  1st Birthday 28th June 1997  Force And Styles […]

Dream FM Leeds The beginning and more here too Dream FM | expletive undeleted. TUHIN, recruitment consultant, major-league caner, and my then girlfriend’s ecstasy pal, drove us to the gig, as he often did, with his three year old contact lenses burning their way through his eyeballs – so that’s probably why we got there fashionably late. I may […]

The Orb Q and A

Original Post here THE ORB SECRET SUPPLIES I would like to learn more about The Orb’s samples. I know that the girl’s voice on “Little Fluffy Clouds” is Kim Basinger and the conversation at the start of “Towers Of Dub” is Victor Lewis-Smith, but I’m told there are loads of other hidden and obscure […]

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