The Worst Mix of all time?

This might be the worse set of all time, and we normally like Loftgroover full on gabba.
The first half is rubbish hard trance/gabba and we only recognise the 2nd track – Bass X – Hardcore Creators, then at 32 mins he swaps to boring garage.
its hard to believe anyone likes this tape.  must have been confusing on the actual night. its like he realised noone there liked gabba and all else he had was the worst kind of dull us sounding housey garage.   Imagine is this was your first ever rave, you’d be off to the local indie club like a shot.
To top it off there’s also some lame and too loud MCing (from the normally reliable MC Rush and MC MC).  Plus the mixing is cack.

Post up any other rubbish mixes in the comments.

As a ying to this yang, check out The Greatest mix of all time

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