Month: April 2014

1995 Documentary Northern Ireland Brilliant, important documentary.Also read the comments underneath it. Featuring Dream Frequency and some great 94/95 house including Chapter 9 – Rollercoaster. Some really good footage from Kellys in Portrush amongst others.  By 94 the ravey house sound in this video was dying out in London, but really strong in the North, Ireland and Wales. […]

Mixmag April 1994 – Is Jungle Too Ruff?

Mixmag | APRIL 1994 – IS JUNGLE TOO RUFF?. This article is now 20 years old. It’s an argument that wasn’t solved then, and hasn’t been since. Words: Jane Headon Photos from Jungle Fever: Donovan Published in Mixmag April 1994 With the precision of a wire cutter, jungle music has divided the rave scene down […]

Mixmag December 1993 Why Don’t DJ’s Turn Up?

Mixmag | DECEMBER 1993 – WHY DON’T DJS TURN UP?. I bet they turn up now that the mega money has gone. Although this is almost 20 years ago We see the flyers, we pay our money and all too often they never turn up. Words: Jane Headon Cartoon: Stuart Harrison Published in Mixmag December […]

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